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Posted Wednesday, July 07, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)


Write about a time you won something and how it made you feel....A few time that I every been into competition I done quite good. The first one comes to mind is in Kindergarten and we were drawing item for circus and I drew the best clown and the teacher said I had excellent color combination and my drawing also showed balance. I don't recall how I feel. I have entered things in our local fair. I grew up in Spokane and enter in there fair and placed on some of my items. When I won I feel good and also embarrassed and I know two side of same sword. One year I entered Cinnamon rolls and I had Grand Champion and one of my class mate, told me I didn't make them and I bought them from a store. I look him in the eye told him "Go to hell" Well my parents wouldn't let me cheat. I showed my horse and won and didn't place. I mainly stayed local . I grew up in a solid middle class family and during the winter season as other people who showed there horses, went down to Nevada, California, warmer area. we couldn't afford to go. I'm sure at time I felt out of place that I was victims of economic. But some of these people parents had money that they  didn't  clean out the barn, it was hired. I had to shovel horse poop out of the barn and it went on my mom garden. When my horse Taurus was a year old out of about 50 horse, I place reserve champion in a halter class, well the reason I didn't get champion when I moved my horse away from the judge I had my lead to close to the halter, and I pulled the horse head, and Taurus didn't  travel straight. Lesson learn. Now the only reason I enter is our local fair, it fun to be part of a community. there a ribbon and little cash. I give the ribbon back and let them keep the cash. They have such ragged shoe string budget. So actual quite a few people donate their prize money back. Winning to me has a lot thought. But now I think competition should be fun. I try not to not think when I win something I work on "not to think or question that I'm un deserving" But I multi feeling when I win.  Question time...Do you enter in your local fair? 

Quite day at work, no one had doctor appointment. Most of the day I help Liz. I had treat and coffee with Qunella. After the news I will go out and do some cleaning inside of my car. 

I'm half way though the first book Journal of LEWIS AND CLARK and as far in book they still getting ready. Between Washington DC and City of Saint Louis there is about 840 miles, yet they haven't still left on there journey they haven't even made it to St Louis and so far they seem to get a long with the native people. this hasn't been always been this way in our history. We have some pretty ugly parts to it. 

Coffee is on and Stay safe.

Coffee is on and stay safe. 

  1. It's nice to enter things in the fair.

  1. You visited me when I was talking all about the movies( Monday I showcased a card I made plus a bit of my garden and tomorrow and choose 3 music themes) so I am returning the favour. I grew up in a township about 10 miles outside of the small village and I did enter things in the local fair. I won first place for a written work on my life up until that point..I think I was 10. It was in a basic school book with pictures and was told they liked my writing. In high school I made a Roman soldier on a chariot with 2 white horses. The horses were bought but I made the chariot and the soldier. My mom just showed me what I could use but I built it all. Well, the teacher said I didn’t make it and that I was lying. I really hated that teacher and, to be honest, I know he didn’t like me. He gave an A to another girl who told me her mom made the lyre and she didn’t do any of it.grrrrr. I don’t know if you follow anything happening here in Canada but they have found 215 child bodies at one of those schools the indigenous kids was forced to go to. Over 100 at another and over 700 at a third. I know a lot more will be found. It is horrible.

  1. I won a prize for colouring in a news magazine when I was 12. It was sent to my school and the principal brgt the prize to my class. She announced it and I was really happy as everyone clapped. Haha... a long time ago. I think every country has a bit of history that wants to be forgotten.

  1. Haven't entered any competition before. Every country has it dark history. Have a wonderful day.

  1. That´s kind and thoughtful of you to give the money back.
    I never won anything, but when I visited the Christmas-Circus, a sport-event, where my "little" Brother took part in on the way out we walked side by side and there was a man handing out pressies for the kids. I had a look what it was and he said - I was at least 24, "oh, come on, you take one, too!" It was a blinking ball. My Brother got nothing, LOL.

  1. ...perhaps the prompts are easy, but for me the writing isn't.

  1. Nice to read about all your winnings!

  1. Please read my post

  1. Never entered anything at the Crawford County Fair, but all of us town kids never missed a chance to go to the fair, ride the rides, eat the food, and enjoy the exhibits.

  1. I have not ever entered in the local fair. Thought about it but Nashville fair is way too big. Would love to in the city a couple over but I don't live there so there is that! haha...If I don't start crafting, paint, and doing whatever again, I will need to consider selling off stuff....NOPE!

  1. Crawford County? That wouldn't be in Ohio, would it? ~grin~ That was my birthplace.

    Best wishes to you and yours, Peppylady!

  1. I don’t enter competitions. We don’t have fairs here though.

  1. I've not entered anything since probably grade school and that was a long time ago.

  1. I have entered contests when I was in school. But not since. I must give it a try, I guess :-)

  1. Sounds like your parents were hard working people who ensured you got as much as possible with what they could afford - sounds like you loved that horse! I won a competition and got some very expensive saucepans once and another time I won some fancy wellington boots and once on blogland I won a Beatrix Potter mug which I still use for my paint brushes! Betty

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