Today Is Wednesday July 28 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Wednesday, July 28, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)


Will be using NUMBER 4 and word I will be using is "Agenda" 

The wind started to pick up, and the group had plan to take trip to the next town. One thing on the agenda was to go to the new exhibit at local art show, they was featuring new woman artist, who done less three shows. But with wind starting to pick up and darker clouds looming to the east. The group was wondering if they could be some flash flooding. So one minute they said "Let's go" and next minute they say "Let not go" So after a while they took out there pendulum and see if it would spin clock wise and it went crazy. So the group load up in SUV and headed out. So they didn't have to change any part of their agenda.

The window people coming tomorrow. So for a few days Hubby and I will bring out the mattress into living room. Me, personally I would use the cot. I better not hear the old hubby grip about any ache and pain from moving the mattress. It will good to finely have all the windows done. Got anther quilt block ready to go to embroidery. Moving on to "Alice in Wonderland" With the heat, it hard to get anything done. But I do mange to get a little done. 

It looks like we might be ask to mask up again. At this point our covid rate is still moderate in our area, and about 25% been fully vaccinated. Here in Boundary County. Well when we were first ask to mask up. Both Hubby and I followed the CDC guide line. But they were time we was harassed for being mask wearers. So I figure those who isn't vaccinated are Trumpster and they made no effort to protect me at all. When the time comes for me to put back on my mask. Even how I feel or my thoughts of Trump. His supporter deserve respect, even if they didn't respect me.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. I'm still wearing a mask. And I will continue to do so. It'll be nice to have the windows done, I'm sure.

  1. When the time comes to wear a mask, then you ignore anyone who hassles you for it. You are doing the right thing. We are out of lockdown now, but still have to wear masks in stores and public transport.

  1. Mask wearing, if you are more comfortable doing so, is not harming anyone else. I say, "why not?"

  1. We are now advised to wear double masks meaning a cloth mask over the surgical mask. If we need to go to crowded places, we are to wear a face shield over the double masks. Here, the numbers are increasing and it can be of great concern. Hope the windows will be done as scheduled.

  1. I still wear a mask at the grocery store as do some others. We have tourists now. I’m not taking any chances.

  1. Hi. I use to run the blog Autumns Meadow. I hadn't looked at the archives in years but I found some old post from 2006. Your name kept popping up in my comments.Glad to see you are still posting

  1. I enjoyed your 'Agenda' story Dora 😊 Never worry what other people think, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, especially if it has been advised to, then do it ✨ Exciting to have the windows done.

  1. You are very gracious and kind in regards to those who not only didn't wear masks, but harrassed and mocked those who did. They're driving the virus spread now. I saw on the news the delta variant is probably two mutations from a strain that will defeat our current vaccines. And that's because of the people who didn't stop it by getting vaccinated. I don't have many kind thoughts about them.

  1. Wear your mask if you feel the need. Ignore the stupid, selfish, arrogant idiots

  1. Masking is the safe way to go. I was thinking of a paper agenda book but your piece is nice.

  1. Hope the window replacement goes well. Lee and Phod and their Lady

  1. How nice to be having your windows done, hope all goes well.

    All the best Jan

  1. It is great you have all your windows done now. We replaced the windows at our previous house, over several years. We couldn’t afford to do all of them at the same time.

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