Today Is Thursday July 29 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Thursday, July 29, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

Super hot here in west. And the Covid variant, Delta is going up. I hear they're talks about paying people covid vaccine. How about charging those who vote trump for the vaccine shots. I'm trying to not say much, Both Murphy and I have family and friend who refuse to get their vaccine. But it hard.  

Today I took Regis down to library in Sandpoint, I know he got quite few movies. One was newest the adventure of BILL and TED. But I don't recall the others one he got. I'm weird I like DOCUMENTARY FILMS The two movies I got is IRIS by Albert Maysles and TATTOO THE WORLD by Ed Hardy. 

Had all sort of conversation with my client. Today is conversation on micro chips and drones. See Regis got an item with my order from Amazon. He was wondering if it was coming by drone. We both couldn't image anything being ship by drone, up here in North Idaho. Someone would sooner or later shoot it down. As best of knowledge the postal service doesn't use drones. But if it came to some time future postal service using drones, and it shot down. Oh what a mess. About our chip talk, not talking about chips one eat. There country who had very positive RESULT with Micro Chips. I see a lot of benefits. There plenty of people who needs to be NAME. If for some reason I become missing and for what every reason I couldn't speak for my self. I would want my love one know my well being or where about. And plus I wouldn't have any trouble having basic medical info either. Sometime one get separate from our identifications. Don't believe in mark of the beast. There been all sort of theory on the mark of beast. Some are laughable.

Coffee is on and stay safe 

  1. I don't think I would like to have a microchip.
    The best way to avoid the Delta strain is to stay home as much as possible, do not go to known exposure sites and wear a mask when you have to leave your property for any reason and get fully vaccinated.

  1. There are hot spots for all variants, and this whole pandemic scenario is far from over in my opinîon.

  1. Funny about the drone being shot down. People might to steal whatever they may be carrying.

  1. Distance is the key I think. That darn virus will continue to mutate.

  1. We are also at war with the variants. The numbers are climbing and hospitals are full. Front liners are exhausted. We are staying home as much as possible. A lot of theories are very confusing.

  1. ...Trump is responsible for this MESS!!!

  1. Covid is really evil and so are those who made it.

  1. Florida is in trouble with cases too

  1. I am so confused by the Trumpers politicize a public health issue. Glad that were not around when we were eradicating smallpox. We'd still have it.

  1. Our neighbour who has a brain injury, has a bracelet which she can’t get off. It has a locator in it. She has poor eyesight and sometimes gets out of the yard and gets lost. The bracelet is really a life saver.

  1. I like documentaries, too. I hadn't thought of people shooting drones down, but it would make sense. I figure drones are the future of deliveries, but not for a few years, yet.

  1. No drones yet for delivery. I would hate to be hit in the head by one. Our COVID rates are rising daily in New York, too. Over 80% of our cases are Delta now, and I've heard two even newer variants have shown up. Alana

  1. The best way to look after ourselves is to not be in close contact with others and that does not mean not meeting with others. It means meeting with others in less crowded spaces and preferably outdoor airy spaces.

    If we disease symptoms we should be responsible and stay away from others so as not to make them ill.

    I am not a fan of micro chips. My belief is that they take away our personal responsibility to ourselves and others.

  1. I can't believe people should have to be paid to have the vaccination, what's their other option, to die from Covid. I bought my husband a drone for his birthday, it's been so windy and rainy since then that he hasn't been able to fly it 😉

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