Today Is Tuesday 27 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Tuesday, July 27, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 Didn't get chance to blog about the garden and such yesterday. Here in west we're going though a drought and plenty of wildfires. Although not here. Fires that it is. Some water system is struggling here. 

Well Tuesday is usually I do my "Well Being" post. And my letter will be "L" and I will posting my "L" at end of post. As many you know I join OA (Overeaters Anonymous) and last night was the first time I shared. The part of working with higher power doesn't bother me. But what bothers me they was no feed back. I shared about being "Be Little" and honestly I don't know if someone could give me an answer or not.

Haven't had a chance to any more in my work book. As group we finish up with chapter one and two. I need to read chapter two and answer question from chapter two. Next Tuesday I will share  one of the question and answer.

Pretty well holding my own. Haven't done any real walking. So hot. I've done the tread mill and find them boring. Although my stretches been off and on. I guess more honest word for my exercise and stretches is "Off and On" 

Yesterday late after noon hubby and I was watching a DVD on "Eugenics" from "America Experience" an "PBS". Been sitting on fence about doing my traits or looking in to my health genes. Confession time...I didn't want to see if they was possible I could have genic trait of awful disease and I could possible horrible death. I would guess most of us when our time to go. We just go to sleep and not wake up. So they give 35 traits and I will guess they will keep adding more. So the first one "Endurance Fitness" It says..."You have some DNA difference that are  commonly found in elite endurance athletes" Although then there the factor of choice and I have real did nothing to be an endurance. I have little very little interest in doing  BLOOMSDAY. But I would like to walk the route. But I know even not as an endurance athlete. If I worked on my endurance slowly it would be all around beneficial, in so many ways. When I was doing my routine I could see the benefits of having work out. 

My "L" word is "Love" and first things comes to my thought is "Love God whole hardly" and next one is "Love  your self as thy neighbor" There been time in my life both of this command has been struggle. Confession time...At time I have to say I was upset with God (Higher power) that I would honestly say I didn't love God. I don't always treat my self right and also there been time I feel I don't deserve love. But mostly self love. I think at time it hardest to love one self. For many reasons. I'm working on self love. By the way I don't know if self love should or shouldn't be easy. 

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. We've had our share of rain, or so it seems, we have 3.5 inches of rain yesterday. Those fires are really scary.

  1. Endurance athletes have a different mindset than the rest of us, I think. I could not imagine doing that sort of sport.

  1. Dora, I’m going to lecture you here.

    I am a cancer survivor. I was sick in 2005, but thankfully I’ve been in remission after one horrible year of treatment.

    My doctor insisted I get genetic testing, and when the results came back, she suggested my daughters get tested, too.

    If you have a genetic predisposition towards cancer or diabetes or whatever, it doesn’t mean you will become ill. It means you’re more likely to become ill than someone who doesn’t have the genetic trait for that disease.

    And it means you can start screening for the illness so you can catch it early, when it’s more treatable.

    So if you think you should be screened, go do it.

  1. My walking exercise is more off than on. I think I will make more effort once I am fully vaccinated.

  1. I think self love is the first kind of love we should practice. We have to love ourselves first to be confident and strong to love others. Hope you get to walking again. I have not walked for 5 days as I had my 2nd dose of AZ and am taking life a bit relaxed.

  1. Well done on the OA meeting Dora. As far as regular walking goes it's the first step that is the hardest 😉

  1. is a wonderful word.

  1. Good thoughts on love.

  1. Love is a good word :)

    All the best Jan

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