Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Today Is Tuesday June 22 And This Is What Happen

 It Tuesday and I will be posting about "Well Being" Weight stayed the same, but I believe I'm firming up. Sometime hopefully in near future I will take my measurements. Usually I pack my lunch and so far only been a restaurant once this week, and that was today. I'm going to have good lay over in Sea Tac airport. Not overly impress eating at airports. 

I add some walnuts, purnes, and granola to my yogart. 

I find it diffucult to keep track of my food intake. But I can honestly say I had no sweet just today and I had slice of Rhubard and Stawberry pie. It was great. Either walk or exersised every day this week. Been getting early before the heat starts up.

I thought for moment I would change subject and get off the well being for minute and take yesterday comment and reply to it her on my blog....INLAND MUSINGS and her comment was "How wonderful you get to see your new grand baby. Enjoy! Thank. If memory serves me right Hubby and I was down in May. 

I started to OA though zoom. So far I only been to three meetings, and I have both enjoyed and found the useful, and gainning tools to help me mange my health. I will attend one tomorrow evening on zoom. Statements time...They have an Athiest and Agnostic part. In today mail I got the books I order from OA, 12 steps and the work book to go with it.

Well today is Letter "H" and word I will be using is "Health" Usually at one time when some mention the word health, it just focus on the physical part. There so much more to health than the physical part. There the emotional part and I was part of generation, feeling wasn't discussed. If everything look ok on outside, so eveything is ok on inside. It one big down fall of my generation, end of baby boomers. I try to use my creative project sometime express feeling, and such. Mental health needs to be address and I'm not sure were bordem is a mental hangup of not. But when I'm bored I tend to start to graze uncontrollable and stress is anther thing I use food to comfort me. Well I'm getting much better on using food for comfort when I'm stressed. One day at work and no lunch break. Confession time...Possible little anger in there as well. I went though the drive throw at Burger Express. Only got one cheap burger. Well before I would of gorge my self with a drink and fries. Plus maybe stop some place and grab a few doughnuts. Social Health I try one day a week, but work doesn't let me do it. I will meet with my friend Quenella one day a week. I sometime call work my social life. Which is pretty sad. Or social media. In a short time I will be retire and I'm planning to have social life though some local organization, non political. And spiritual health. I will let some big wig EXPLAIN IT

This will be last time for me to give a shout out about my cousin who is trying to COVER MS Fitness and Health. If my math is correct she six years older than me. And in lot better shape than me. 

Also been looking up American Surrealism. 

Coffee On and Stay Safe


  1. "Not overly impress eating at airports."

    I generally find food at airports to be over-priced, if not mediocre in quality. The rare exceptions are in airports in Japan and Singapore. I think you'd be amazed at the quality of their eateries' offerings!

  2. What about when you are bored sort out one tote bag of your fabrics instead of eating and when you are stressed, the same, sort out one bag or clear out one drawer or anything else that needs to be done that you didn't find time for the previous week. I read a lot of fiction books so I am never bored and when I am deep in a book, I forget to eat, so that helps.

  3. Mental Health has become a larger problem during the pandemic as people cannot meet and just "download." I think "it is OK not to be OK," sometimes, not all the time. I totally agree that Baby Boomers had to be tough and we were always told to be seen and not heard. We were not suppose to be weak but to just get on with life. I am relieved that mental issues are being addressed now and it is not a shame to admit that sometimes "the going is not so good." You are getting there - walking and exercising all this week. Keep up πŸ‘ πŸ’ͺ

  4. ....eating at airports is EXPENSIVE!!!

  5. I think we are all in the same boat in some respects Dora. You are definitely not the only one who eats when bored or stressed. Having a few distractions on hand could help, for me it's getting out in the garden, or a good book πŸ’œ

  6. My weakness is chocolate. I am okay for a few weeks then eat chocolate and I’m back to square one. Taking measurements is a great idea.

  7. Your yogurt looks good.

  8. Have a safe trip. I'm sure not fond of airport food or airports, the air travel experience was ruined years ago.

  9. Sometimes my social life is all at work, too.

  10. I have yet to find airport food I enjoy as well. I always pack something to nibble on.


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