Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Today Is Wednesday May 12 2021, This Is What Happen

 It time to sort of randomly pick a journal prompt, and I will do some type of blog post. NUMBER 30 

So big question for me would where and who. I don't believe I would have what. One thing I want to do is travel by just tossing a dart at world map. But now they do have a sort of random MAP and end up at Huka Falls in NEW ZEALAND since I'm clueless where these falls are. I had to google more info and see how to get there. So traveling there we would need to go to Taupo. Plus there a big lake and I don't live far from a big lake, called PEND OREILLE My few minute of google about we would land in AUCKLAND Since this is fun and fantasy. It all depends on age of my grandgirls are. But I like to be fair and if everything was done my way or not letting other be part of choosing. I could very well miss out on something. I might not even considered.  So I would want everyone to pick two places want to see and do. For me it would be a musuem and a thrift store. Some place call them charity shop. One thing I would want to do is taste some local foods. 

Question time...For those been to New Zealand and what one thing I should see or do?

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. New Zealand is close to Australia, but I have never been there. I've heard it is very expensive and also very beautiful.

  2. I go with River.
    Also, I´ve heard it can get really cold, so check that first ;-)

  3. That's nice to dream to travel ! I have shared my room on a roundtrip throught the Eastern countries with a Lady from New Zeeland and it seems to be a beautiful country ! How to get there ..... google !

  4. I loved New Zealand. It is a place I’d like to visit again.

  5. Loved NZ. Loved the helicopter ride at Franz Josef Glacier. Also loved the Maori dinner in Rotorua.

  6. Would love to visit NZ

  7. I would never go to New Zealand, they kill their feral cats there.

  8. I haven't been there Dora but I do know some New Zealanders, I love their accent it always makes me smile. I believe the scenery is stunning ✨

  9. I wonder how throwing a dart at a world map would go. There's so much ocean, you're liable to hit a spot that you can't actually travel to.

  10. I visited NZ back in the 70's and was fortunate to visit both the North and the South Island. An amazing country, I found the scenery stunning and the people were very friendly.

    All the best Jan


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