Saturday, June 13, 2020

Today Is Saturday June 13 2020, This Is What Happen

Didn't get the entire family of wild turkeys. There were a pair with there poults in tow. Maybe I will get anther chance. So for now you will see rear end of one.

Friend Quenella stop by. She goes to the local orthdox church which is up and over from where I live. I been there twice and they do have pretty service. But as for most christain teaching I just can't and won't except. We stayed our distant. She wear a mask out and about.

But before that Murphy and I was redo some wire bundles. The chicken wire I believe will be heading to the dump. To mangled up to redo.

Murphy sister Faith first husband past away. They had three childern togather. We discussed the affair he had when he was married, and he might of fathered when he was still married to Faith. We both wondering how estate will play out.  Doubt there much of anything.

One of my pagan friend husband past away. And his service is I believe the 18th of July. If there no covid or maybe less five in county. I will stick on my mask and attend the service. He wasn't a pagan he  a Luthern.

Murphy and I took a short drive up on snow creek. And I got a little crazy with camera. Heard thunder off in distant. Thought I would share a few picture of today adventure.

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    They are interesting cloud formations in the second last photo. Bad luck about the turkeys.

  2. I like the photos of the path through the trees.

  3. The cloud photos are very interesting

  4. What kind of camera do you use?

  5. Church is opening up here you have to register as they are only allowing 30% in. I will wait I think.

  6. Turkey pics are hard to get. That next to last photo is amazing!

  7. Lovely series of shots from your drive Dora, good luck getting a shot of the turkey family, they are pretty trick 😉

  8. Wild turkeys? Those must be interesting.

  9. We just don't have any kind of wild animals around here except pigeons.


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