Today Is Sunday December 8, This Is What Happen

Posted Sunday, December 08, 2019 by peppylady (Dora)

Yesterday I spent some time on You Tube watching video. Not so much today. But I watch three video were people read from old diaries. MACKENZIE MARIEBOLLIE, and KELSY JADE

I recall at different variety store looking a lock diaries and thought they looked pretty flimsy. And it wouldn't take much to break it open. One wouldn't need to hire a safe cracker.
But I look at our blog as what people did in past of keeping DIARIES for what ever reason
I need or want to know more about journaling or writing one thoughts in what every shape they may be.
I came across saying baby boomer are the most or one highest group that suffer from DEPRESSION. As in locked diary above I now wonder if we as baby boomers had to keep our feeling, thoughts and ideals locked up.
Now we see people expressing them self on all different social media platform.
Question time...what is your thoughts and feeling that people express them self on social media and not in locked diary? 

Don't need to buy anything. Confession time...I never bought any thing from a social media ad. I understand why there ad and I thought of putting a small one here on my blog.
Yesterday I check out some ads though my social media sites. Some the items I can afford. But there were a few that there no way I could afford a $500 plus item. I would bulk at $100 item even.

Been doing laundry, and other house hold chores. Hubby don't feel well. But it seem when men our ill it something special.
Hoping to get a few items line up so I can drop them off local thrift store.
Today the sun is out, and I making sure I soak up some sun rays.

I had or should say I need or want to get back on track in loosing weight. Little I read on OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS is to have food plan and keep track of what you eat. Confession time...I been slipping in both areas.
Well we all need food. It not alchol that you real don't need. Food isn't something you can give total up.
So I got back on working with fitday.

Coffee is on

  1. Yes, unlike alcohol or drugs, we all need to eat food. So staying in control is more difficult. But we can do it.

  1. The videos sound interesting

  1. I had a diary on and off as a child. Burnt it when I left home. I think there is good and bad with people sharing things on social media.

  1. Tis the season for overeating between Thanksgiving and Christmas, yum!

  1. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong on Sunday, December 8th, some 800,000 out of a population of 7,4 million took part in a mega protest march two days before Human Rights Day.

  1. Yes, same here.
    My Mum once read my diary and I was offended! Now...? Everyone is welcome to not only read but give even comments, too!

  1. I had a diary with a lock when I we younger
    I found out my mother had been reading it
    I have never forgiven her for that.
    I burnt it and I never had another one. Until my blog. But I don’t post the inner most personal feelings on my blog. Not like a diary
    Don’t worry about slipping on a diet
    It’s a gradual life change that matters
    Don’t be too hard on yourself

  1. I don't have a diary and don't put too much of myself on my blog either. I've got so much stuff locked up and buried deep, it's like Fort Knox in here. I'll take it all to the grave with me and put on a happy "I'm fine, nothing wrong here" face. It's old stuff that my kids don't need to be burdened with, they know the good parts.

  1. Diaries are something for the most part a record of the day. AND for the most part again, the blogs I read are only hints of inner feelings by the author. You, as the reader, really don't know how true it is.

  1. I tend to think people always have and always will have challenges with expressing emotions.... it is just hard.... whether out loud, in a diary, on a blog, or other social media.

    In terms of weight.... if you feel the food plan/food diary will work..... I would say... definitely try it. Unfortunately, for me, the diary approach would be too difficult, I believe. When I lost 120 pounds several years ago... what helped me the most was identifying what a normal sized serving was (I looked it up on the box or in the recipe.) I allowed myself to eat what I wanted but only in a normal serving size.... which tended to be VERY MUCH SMALLER than the portions I would usually eat.

    Doing the above helped me.... not sure if that might be a help for you or not.


  1. Now, that's an interesting use of YouTube--diaries. So many people just put all their stuff out there nowadays.

    Have you ever considered Project Wonderful for running ads on your site? I think the URL was pretty close to the name. I'm sure you can Google it to find it.

  1. I think people do express themselves on social media they way they used to in their diaries. I started my blog as kind of an online diary and it's changed over the years.

  1. Many years ago I kept a diary …
    Nowadays, I still do have a diary but I'm not so good at writing it up as I used to be.
    Having said that any important information/news/events etc are always written about.

    All the best Jan

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