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Monday, April 18, 2016

Took Walk Though Paradise Cemetery

     Walking though cemetery I always found fascinating, and how people mark there grave of there family and friends.
So Regis and I went up to the Paradise Cemetery, he took a ghost hunting thingy Mcbobber.
I'm clueless if ghost or spirit can see or hear. But I have to say there is pretty view from there.

The sun at the time we was walking around had a glare on lot of the head stone, so some photo I ended deleting.

Question time...what sort of symbols or marking do you want on your tombstone. There was some graves with just plain marker name with birth year and death year. My parents has a plain tombstone.
I wonder if these people who had plain marker were just "plain every day folks" nothing fancy about them. Drank there coffee from mug, and when they had quest just pass whiskey bottle around.

This grave is of young man who serve his country and was killed over in Afghanistan, he was in my son Bart high school class.
I've seen grave where people place   STONES or COIN on the tombstone. This grave had quite a few coins.

There was variety of design on the headstone. One I saw was a "stairway leading to open gate" Led Zeppelin did a song in early 70 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN 
Tried to a little bit of search on google trying to figure what the story behind a set of stairs on grave maker. But I found actual stairs leading into a mausoleum.
Opinion time...I believe the open gate represent going into anther dimension or to go on into anther stage.
Well there quite a few graves around here with an elk. One thing bother me I knew a local lady that died who was quite the knitter and there was no knitting needles on ball of yarn on her side of the headstone.
Opinion time...It seem like he had control over the headstone, and it seem a little male chauvinist.
I did fine a link about the meaning of an ELK

Murphy got some onion and shallots in the garden. He start a few planters of flower seeds. A few of my tulips are in bloom. Did a little more painting on the mask, and weigh in a T.O.P.S
Coffee is on


  1. I don't want a tombstone. I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered. Leave nothing behind.

  2. I'm not a go to the cemetery kind of person. I have a hard time going to my parents-I'd rather sit with a photo album to remember and talk funny stories and good memories. I too would like just to be cremated, ashes perhaps under a new tree or flower bed.

  3. My mother took us to the cemetery once a month to visit the grave of her mother, whom she lost when she was five. I do not like going now. I loved visiting the cemeteries in Russia. There is quite the display. I do not want a funeral service or a tombstone. My kids can scatter my ashes in my garden.

  4. when i was in my village in my youth i often used to visit cemetery then as it was one of our tradition especially on the yearly festivals people start their day first of all by visiting to cemetery as it was thought that before celebration they have to greet their ancestors,

    here in my hubby's town i miss such traditions ,i want lots of green plants on my grave

  5. Most cemeteries are interesting. I used to like to check out the variety of stones and sayings. Think there is no more peaceful place to be, although I have asked that my ashes be scattered.

  6. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I've already told my kids that I want to be cremated but if I were to have a headstone it would have my name on it, the regular, mother, sister, daughter crap, and "She had fun." - Because I did. I do and forever I will. - I know without a doubt that the spirits share our space, or we share theirs. I would look closely at any and all photos taken in a cemetery. - Here's my question to you Dora. Why are cemeteries so much cooler than any other place in town? On super hot days I'll go to the cemetery just to get cool for a moment.

  7. I'm not a cemetery type either - we cremated my mother and scattered her ashes on the hill above her house, like she asked. I've heard some pretty interesting things about what you can do with ashes - one of them is having them shot out over the water as fireworks ;-)

    I DO like old cemeteries though - it's so interesting to look at the old markers.

    Love your pictures. Sorry they didn't all turn out


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