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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tull Up And More Uppity Things

Yesterday was about walking though Paradise Cemetery. It one way to get Regis out of the place. Today he and his speech therapist walked around and chat it.

I end up doing both clients today. Regis in the morning and Liz in afternoon. Not much with either one of the clients.
Liz been decorating her place. She has a small cabin by deep creek, actual there a creek that runs by her place.
She pretty crafty, she got bird cage from a thrift store and she going to make it into a planter.

Murphy mowed the lawn today. I just put back some of my pin wheels in different spot. There quite bit of wind and usual the things meant to handle wind just get beaten to threads.

Today in my weigh in I lost the most for week. I even ate breakfast before weigh in. Down 1.50 pounds. Under 220. I shouldn't be posting my weight but it's the truth.

On certain times of week Murphy goes to the senior center and have lunch. I go about once a month simple because I'm not 60 they charge me $7.00
But twice during the week they have a food give away for the seniors. What I notice and I could be wrong they grumble about there diabetes, and take the food that is high in refine sugar and carbs.
Murphy bought home some chia bars, apples, sushi rolls, and some type of muffins.

Breakfast steel cut oats with raisin. Lunch was a little off I like taking 3 healthy items and 1 not so healthy items. Don't worry I don't take chocolate cover  cherries, can't stand the thing.
Like I said I took Regis over to his speech therapy which is at the hospital. As I was waiting for him the ladies of the hospital was passing out popcorn with plenty of butter. Wouldn't you think the hospital would try to offer something on healthy line.
What are they trying to cause blood pressure or diabetes .
Before dinner and after breakfast I end up having kipper snacks, sushi, and celery.
An Orange after dinner.

The mask is coming right long. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the color lay out. But I been please with it  

Coffee is on


  1. Your flowers are so pretty - guess the orangy tulips are about spent. Is that lavender in the foreground? I really should have DH get some more.

    Buttered popcorn? Maybe the ladies at the hospital are trying to drum up business? I know the cheap stuff isn't good for you - healthy costs so much more. Sigh ...

  2. Why shouldn't you be posting your weight? No reason not to on your blog. They say that putting goals out there, like on your blog, is one way to hold yourself accountable. And make progress.

  3. SJ Yes that lavender in foreground.
    Liz I belong to a weight lost support group (T.O.P.S) and we weigh in weekly which help us be accountable.

    Coffee is on

  4. Love all the photos of the flowers!

  5. What a great idea with the bird cage. I'll have to keep an eye out for one, too.

  6. i'm 60 but around here you have to be 65 to get cheap bus fares. the transit cops are pretty brutal so i'm a big chicken and pay full fare.

  7. Your flowers are so pretty! Would love a bouquet from you. haha....


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