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Friday, April 08, 2016

Sorry The Switch Is Broken

   There is a good reason for rules. Usual I don't break them but I have to say they are meant to be bend all to hell.
I was told by people who worked on the railroad with my dad as a contractor he was excellent on manage trains and getting the fright on time and where it belonged.
But one of his saying that rule books have there place and so does common sense.

Right now my friend LaWalla is having some major trouble with her PT cruiser. Not sure what all the issues.
Will talk later on with her. But she stop by and left a note. Saying it would cost $4,500 to fix and the car worth about $5,000
Her and I work for the same company. In her note she said she needs to take some time off until she gets her vehicle straighten up.
So for a while I'll be covering her hours.

Talking about broken items. The kenmore sewing machine stitch it last stitch. I knew it was going. I don't do that much sewing to get a expensive machine. So I'm fingering under $250.
Other small things need fixed around the place, although not horrible costly. Pick up needs speed odometer put in, there some minor hole in exhaust pipe, battery will need to be replace before cold weather arrives, and my car tires are looking on the thin side.
I forgot to mention we might want a different type lawn sprinkler set.

Now let back for a few moments about work. One of my clients is BI POLAR DISORDER. It seem a little hard to do any sort of planning.
She has an appointment in Courd'Alene to see a specialist this Tuesday about her thyroid. Hopeful she doesn't become wish washy.

Almost got all of my brown strips cut and sewn together and then my machine went kaput. Still have quite a bit of strips to cut and sew.

But this gives me a chance to paint my mask.

These few acomplishment makes me smile. Hummingbird is hung by front window. And also a few more fence post in


  1. I hope Your friend's and your own hours aren't too much for you.
    Too bad about your sewing machine - I recently bought a 'no frills' machine for $100, it works fine. I am hoping to watch your progress on the rug.
    Hummingbirds - have yet to see my first one.

  2. Sounds like you are busy and about to get some double time with covering for your friend. And it looks like you are making great progress with your fabric balls...are you getting ready to crochet or braid a rug? Interesting mask!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  3. I don't have an expensive sewing machine, either. Don't see the point, as I don't do that much sewing. Maybe someone will be having a good sale on them soon?

    Liz A. from
    Laws of Gravity

  4. PT cruisers have lots of issues and go down in value fast and some things are expensive to fix. Can get a ten year old one here for 2000 bucks. She should get something else.


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