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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Not Longer Then Twenty Minutes

As for machine maintenance around place nothing took over 20 minutes to complete.
The rot-tiler he grease, which only had one fitting.
Change the oil in riding mower.

Worked on fence around the veggie garden. But still need to add a few more corner post. Murphy said a little bit rot-tiling needs to be done. This is the time we plant peas.

Did house hold chores like continuation some of our cast iron frying pans.

Eating so far I been please with. Breakfast ham and egg. They were not green either. 2 slice of toast,
Lunch 2 piece of toast this time cheap white bread with peanut butter and jelly.
Then about a table spoon of some real good creamy cheese to dip my celery stick in.
Dinner looks like hamburger gravy over mash potatoes.
fun food fudge bar and  yogurt.

Did get a chance to clean out the front flower bed below the front window. I was going to use the word "lot" of quack grass.
But when I did it I seem to frighten my bulbs. So I cut the quack grass down really short so I don't up set the bulbs.
Notice a few more items coming along nicely. Like my Lilly of Valley is putting on flower buds.
Murphy trim up my two roses a bit.

Finely got all of my brown fabric strips cut. But still need to sew more of them together then on to the gold fabric.
Also add the owl I air brush ages ago to the royal sunshine flower bed

Coffee is on



  1. You sound like you stay pretty busy. I love your photos. The owl stands out beautifully.

  2. Pretty flowers!
    Lovely owl.
    Anxious to see you start that rug ...

  3. So glad you stopped by my Embroidery post. I see we both sew strips of fabric together and garden. Although I have to say your flowers and beds are much better than mine. We have been on water restrictions here in West Texas for several years and gardening has been difficult. Hoping to have tomatoes and squash this year. Love your Owl statue. I have one similar. Enjoyed my visit and good to know coffee is always on. I'll be back. Thanks again for stopping by.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  4. Do I see that thing called sunshine!? :)


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