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Monday, April 04, 2016

Please As Toad Who Sang In Tune

I thought I would mention the new ale I'm trying. Well my two ex tom cats got in to it and I though what was left in my bottle of beer. Which wasn't much.
But sure glad I grab the bottle of CINDER CONE RED ALE instead of the glasses.

Headed over to Liz to straighten out my time slips. Didn't stay long. I want to get to the Naples post office.
They close early and wasn't going to drive into Bonners Ferry to buy stamps. Sure looks like these time slips won't be on this pay period, but on the following one. I get paid every other Saturday.

Not sure what the part is called but it has something to with deck and blade of our riding lawn mower. Usual when Murphy and I have to buy a part we usual take guess what it will cost. As it real matter. We need the part.
This time I end being the closes. I believe I said $87.38 and it was about $95.00. Murphy said  I believe $120.00

Made my cleaning goal for an up coming yard sale. Finish going though the boxes under the stair. Found a little more to toss in the trash.
Two boxes more to add to my yard sale pile.
A lot of boxes was filled with pictures and my sons school work. Which would be a good winter project to go though.
Murphy and I are leaning on doing the yard sale the weekend of 15th to 17th. What doesn't sale there two items I won't let go unless I get the price I want.
Rest of it is more or less donate what you want.
There still the pantry, garage, hall way closet, and up above in barn to go though. Possible this fall I might even do anther yard sale.
Depends how well it goes.

Showed Liz my ball of fabric I been doing up for my next rag rug project.
Had big plan to School girl in bonnet about 3 feet in height and I broke her. Well the good thing I didn't start to paint.
But I found a few more piece of broken ceramic which went into the trash.

Got the smile hunter done. I'll be shipping it down to my oldest son Bart, and let them put it in there yard.

Murphy and I went though the garden seed. Don't look like we need to buy much this year. I wouldn't mine picking up some red, white, and blue petunias.

Coffee is on


  1. Thought my DH and I were the only ones who played the 'Guess how much the new part or repair bill will cost' game. Ha ha.

    The little hunter turned out cute!

  2. Hello, from Oklahoma!! The little hunter made me think of my daddy. He had a little guy just like that but was holding a fish. Love your blog.


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