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Sunday, April 03, 2016

More To Keep and Get Rid off

Believe Murphy and I got the last the items from the bench property. Now to figure what to keep and what to yard sale.
Before the yard sale I would like to finish up going though a few boxes on the stairs.
For the spring round of yard sale this will be it. Sure there other rooms we could go though but we have gardening season coming up and other projects.

The other day Liz and I stop at the Good Will in Ponderay and NOW AND THEN. I picked up a few little items for my up coming Grand Daughter.

But the Good Will I got a little bit more. It's amazing what one kind buy for $20.00. Got nice Westwood Ricardo Luggage for $4.00 and what I see they sale for around $100.00
More clothes for Grand Daughter and Jack n box. For a while I kept playing with it.
But I did find my self a skirt.

It been a while since I wrote and letter to any of my pen pal. Found a few more stationary items.

Been getting quite a bit done around the place. My eating habits I been pleased with. Breakfast a corn meal muffin and one and half strips of bacon. Two fried egg in bacon grease.
Because of cleaning out bench lunch was later then usual. But I had kidney beans, chicken hearts, and half of corn meal muffin. Now the muffin are gone.
Dinner was spaghetti had a little to much but not bad actual. Corn less then a cup and some fresh cucumbers done in vinegar.
Tried a new yogurt pineapple with chipolata. I like it very well. My husband isn't a big chipolata fan.

In my craft room I got a cd player set up, and went to the library and got a story cd to listen as I do crafts. Right now I have a Ray Bradbury DANDELION WINE

Also finish my up coming work week. I'll be doing Thursday and Friday. Regis will get 4 hours and Liz will get 3.75 hours.
So leaving Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday open for other project.


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done. Clearing out is great. Although, the point is to get rid of, not bring more in...

  2. Your grand daughter is lucky to get those wonderful things...

  3. adorable dresses and a lot of good deals.. i love thrift stores. thanks for stopping by my post. i see from your other blog, you struggle with on going fight against weight. i have fought mine since i was 12 years old and the vintage me is still fighting that fight

  4. Good job getting all that dejunking done! It is so hard to get rid of things, but so worth it in the end!

  5. hi Dora, well done on the dejunking - its a big job, especially on a property. nice little dresses for you grandaughter too - i love a good thrift shop bargain :)

  6. Spring cleaning...you have a job well done. I haven't even thought of getting into that job this year. Some good buys.


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