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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

It Untitled The Penitentiary

   Worked I don't believe it truly work. But I had chance this afternoon to be in my craft room. Sewing together some of my fabrics I cut up. But still have more to cut.

Not sure which colors I'll be using on this bisque piece. She looks like some one or thing I should recognize.

Today was weigh in at our local T.OP.S group and last I believe 3 times I was down. Eating today wasn't much on time.
Super early dinner. Hubby called it linch or lupper. I like "lupper" much better. Ham, peas, and bake potatoes.
Since I weight in. Before I had a slice toast with some type of cheese spread. So I could take my blood pressure medication. But when I got home I had pancake with peanut butter and molasses on it.
Eating this early a little later I will reheat my apple fritter and have a cup of coffee.
Last week I only bought sweets on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Murphy planted seeds as I was at my weigh in. Peppers and tomatoes. Well when I back I pulled up some quack grass on one side of the fence.
Murphy change the oil in riding lawn mower and still waiting for the part the mower deck.

I have to say I enjoy working in my craft room listening to stores on tape or in my case a CD. Not sure what else BLACKSTONE AUDIO I see it located close to my son Sawyer. He is in Medford and the company is in Ashland.
I'm sure going to check out more audio books and listen as I do my crafts.

                                                                                   Coffee is on


  1. That face looks very interesting, I hope you show the progress like you did with the little hunter.

  2. I must start my pepper and tomato seeds!

  3. I was always fond of calling it linner.

  4. I think that face calls for white and gold - but, that's just me. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  5. the shroud of dora!

    our local safeway raised the price of apple fritters from 69 cents to 89 cents so i'll be holding out a few weeks before i buy one. some days they have great big nice ones and other days they have crappy little ones.

  6. Ah, planting tomatoes and peppers already? You must live someplace much farther south than me! We won't be doing anything like that until mid-May. There is even snow in the forecast for later this week. Sad, sad me.

  7. She's gorgeous, she looks Indonesian (possibly Balinese) to me. x


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