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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Not To Much

Last night I went to the democrat caucus and caucus for Bernie Sanders. There wasn't quite 200 people there and he receive almost 84% of the votes there.
I know Sanders received 17 delegates and Clinton 5. I haven't been able to find on net how other counties voted.
 Well I'm dis-pointed in how my REPRESENTATIVE (dist one) is voting.
Enough politics for today and hopeful for a little until I go off on hizzy fit.

Had set a brakes for my car. When we bought the car the people had a set brakes a full set and since they didn't get anther Accura.
What actual happen some how my calibers froze up and need replacing.
Some people who stuck dark ages might not consider my husband a mans, man.
He find mechanical work not enjoyable. 

We're both dyslexic. Mine in speech and sounds. He was has trouble with direction of left and right.

Since we took our car to mechanic on the north side. We went up to our property to haul some items to the dump and bricks home.
I notice when Murphy picked up an old chicken feeder. His brother Earl once raised chicken.
The only thing I said was "As long as we never have over 8 berries of any type, I won't buy any chickens"
I guess at one time his parents had like 200 chickens.

Even had a chance to go though the blankets under our stair well.
Decided on four for each of the queen beds. So I end up with four blankets in yard sale pile. 
Also notice in boxes of bedding I have plenty of sheets and what is in the linen closet, that needs to go though.
Haven't decided how many set of sheets I need. Also there some bed covering such as spreads and how many of them one needs.

I been keeping my eating in check. I eat meat so today in meat line I had. Sausage patties, ham, and chicken hearts.
Veggies I had kidney beans, peppers, onions, and green beans.
Starch or carb, 3 pieces of toast, and potatoes. 
Now for the other items. Yogurt and strawberries.

Once again I start to crochet my up coming grand kid a cap.
Not sure if I'm doing it right, but it looks like a cap.

Coffee is on


  1. My dh also has trouble with left and right and with mechanics. I end up dealing with any car trouble.

    I'm not quite sure what you were saying on Suzie's House today. "The thought went"?

  2. My husband is no mechanic either. I cringe when he thinks he is.

    I love chickens, wish I could have some.

    Sheets and bedding - I just keep 2 sets at a time, that stuff takes up too much space.

  3. I have been quite fascinated with politics during this election cycle. In fact, I am addicted I think :)

    I am

  4. I have two cousins who are dyslexic in reading. This is going to be a memorable election, for certain - and it is far from over. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  5. Being a life long mechanic I don't trust other mechanics to work on my rigs.

    200 chickens is a heck of a lot of chickens to take care of, and a lot of chicken shit. :-)

  6. Oooo...you have a grandkid coming! Congrats!


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