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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not Sure When Or What

Still waiting for the call on my car. At this point I will just go in the morning and picked up.
Any how Murphy put the engine lift in pick up. Have few things to put in back of pick up. From the North Bench property.
One and old transmission which for some reason Sawyer got and it going to the dump.
Plus there a couple tractor pieces that will be brought home. Possible even yard sale.

After taking care of the possible car and bench property. I'm taking my client Liz to "Sears" by Sandpoint. Her ex boy friend Earl bought her a small apartment Washing Machine.
Not long ago she just put up an umbrella clothes line.
I work for Liz tomorrow which is Friday.
Opinion time...playing with an ex "doesn't matter the size. Usual there is an "ex" for a reason.

Since I'm not positive what the car will cost. I budget out $300 for it. Paid a few other bills.
My long distant $44.00 there billing cycle is different. Or to honest here I never have actual looked all to the billing period. 
They don't charge late fee's or interest. We use CREDO I like the cause they support.
My other is $30.04 for my natural gas. Which seems a little high the only thing here is gas is my dryer and stove/oven.
And the last check I wrote was for $8.18 something Medicare wouldn't pick up for Murphy Colonoscopy.

Had to leave..Editor note...return with car. Labor and parts for my car ran $246.16

Got my first baby crochet cap done. It came out pretty good but there always room for improvements.
It seem so small but I have to remind my self how small a new born baby head is.

Did mange to get in a short walk today. And even a few stretching exercise.  
Not sure if I need to post all I ate. I believe I posted about the ham my hubby bought.
So for two meals I had ham sandwich. Each a little different.
I suffer from EDEMA although not as bad what in the picture from the link.
Actual by the terms in grading I would classify my self as a weak "A" not all that often my feet swells.
My ankle tend to in large though the day.
If I stay away from salt. I don't swell as much. Guess what ham has, salt.

When I take Liz over to get her washing machine. I want to stop in at Staples and pick up card for my camera. And one of those card thing that you put your photos on. 
I never can remember technology term. Confession time...I real don't care what it all called.

Coffee is on 


  1. You are fortunate, whenever we need car repair, it always costs more than what we figure. (Of course, we are going by what the same thing cost last time ...
    Salt and salty foods give me all sorts of problems, such a shame - I love ham.

  2. I am trying hard to avoid processed food, too much salt and preservatives.

  3. You should show us your crochet work in photos!!!

  4. I would also love to see some of our crocheting work. I've been crocheting for some 45 years but have cut down in recent years. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  5. I am waiting for my boyfriend to fix the van. So between teh both of us, we have two running vehicles.


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