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Monday, March 21, 2016

There Things I Would like, Not

Went to work today at Regis and also Liz place. When I got home my husband told me he watch our state law makers debate. Having the BIBLE brought into the public school, which is paid by tax payer money.
Opinion time...I believe this cross the line of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE
I have no trouble using religion in public school as part of history or literature. If they include all faiths, including Greek Methodology.
 If my son was in school and this was going on. I would give them the option to attend or not.
And work out something with school that they can earn a credit some other way.
My parents never shoved religion down my throat, and I didn't my son.
As I under stand during this debate they didn't care what the united state CONSTITUTION about bring the bible in schools.
Well when it comes to our gun rights they are quoting the constitution all to hell.
Now Idaho also have OPEN AND CARRY. And no funding for the mentally ill.
Haven't yet seen that many people packing heat (guns).
My husband Murphy and I decide if we get shot. Which I doubt would every happen in one of local business. We will hire a lawyer and bring a law suit against the business.
For letting fire arms in and putting people in danger.

A few ruff moments when it came to eating, although had harder moments.
When I was over at Regis I finished my shift and had my self to two cookies.e 
Stop in at Under The Sun bought a cup coffee and went up stairs and ate my sack lunch.
Well not going to list everything I ate.
Since Carrie and Regis left I'm not getting sweets offered to me.
No wonder there on METFORMIN,
The states picks up hers and I'm for a one pay system, but not a free ride.
Which I talk quite a bit on my blog how our medical system should be.
Well he pays for his out of his own pockets.

Took a few minutes and stop in at "Baby Go Around" and found this cute like Pajamas. Cost $3.00
A little larger then the ones I got before. Will send it down in June.
Already send enough items down, and it not here yet.

I found two items for it first Christmas. A set of puppets and musical ball. I believe all of these items came to $10.00

Coffee is on


  1. I have no doubt that if someone wants to carry, they will - legal or not. Having it legal makes it a little harder to identify to sort the good from the not so good.
    The Bible was used for many years. I think it was the only book to read in many homes, back in the day. Beyond that I have no opinion that I wish to share.
    I am sick of politically correct.

  2. I am old enough to remember prayer in the public school I attended (in New York City) and us learning hymns for Christmas. This saddens me. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  3. We used to have to pray in public schools (early 60's). I never felt quite comfortable with it! Thanks for popping over to Visible Monday, now shall we have that coffee? : >



  4. And our money didn't have IN GOD WE TRUST on it until 1957. I would trust in many other things before I would trust in any god. Where I went to school in the fifty's they taught some religious stuff but they gave just as much time to evolution.

  5. I have no issues with Bibles being in schools. I don't think religion should be taught in school. As I think it is bias with too many religions not being touched on. Carrying a bible should never be an issue. It is a book. Plain and simple as long as nobody is preaching, the bible is fine to carried around in school by those who choose to read it.


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