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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Don't Want To Be Involved

Had a few ideal what I might want to post this Easter. As usual we went over to Faith and Heniz. One thing I thought of posting about EASTER MONDAY or possible something on ATHEIST EASTER. Which my husband believes or leans to.
Well before I get to my eating. Today over acting drama is why I want to stay a hell away from Christianity.
No one every said Teenagers was easy, including my self.
Well Qunicy has four teenagers.
So today her daughter who is 16 showed up with her boy friend who is 19. Well Gissele Quincy younger sister.
Start on him about being a pedifile. Never went out and saw what was going on. But you could here plenty of yelling and name calling.
Well there 3 years a part.
There plenty to say about Gissele her mom had plenty of trouble with her.
Gissele is a child raising expert. She had one son Chip who she abandon. She took a few classes and read a few books on psychology.
Now she on the high ground and so moral. I could use a few other term, but these term want to make me vomit.

My eating plan was 7 and 3. 7 items at the main meat and 3 piece of dessert. Well as always I never or forget to plan out the before meal time. Usual a tray of veggies, cracker, and cheese with dip.
Well I decided to go with 6 items at main meal.
Ham and Lamb was offered and had slice of lamb. 2 dinner rolls and one of them I had sorghum syrup. A nice big salad with very little dressing, potato salad, and devil egg.
Well as for the dessert I was hoping that one of the kids would have a peep. I wish they never sold them in six pack. One is enough for me.
I thought I would only have 3 piece of desert. I went over slightly but I know it would fit in half cup measurement and have plenty of room left.

Yesterday Sawyer and Betty was up. She has some time off and she is going to fly with her friend Teresa to Hawaii. Teresa is heading over to New Zealand on a work vista.
No Grand child yet. The due date is today. But baby comes when they want to.
A few more flowers are blooming.

Coffee is on


  1. My sweet tooth aims in one direction - chocolate. Peeps don't tempt me at all. For that matter, neither do Cadbury creme eggs. But my mother in law had to have delicious dark chocolate Easter eggs. So good, I stuffed myself too much. Goodbye weight loss I struggled to get these past couple of weeks.

    Alana@RamblinGarden from
    Ramblin with AM

  2. Far be it from me to have any advice for someone with teenagers - I managed to make it through 5 of them and not ending up in a padded room ...
    What a pretty blue flower - what is it?
    Yep, the babies come when they are good and ready - maybe tomorrow?

  3. The blue flower is start of my Easter Hyacinths.


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