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Monday, March 28, 2016

That Special Place

 Some time ago we ended up with an extra gear shift knob for my car. We as in Murphy and I put up in that special place, that we would remember where we put it.
When Carrie was staying with us. I let her use our twin bed which is in my craft room. I put up my container of brushes.

Now we can't find the shiftier knob or my container that held my brushes.

 Murphy and I went out on the bench property and took the old transmission to dump. And few heavier items.
Then we took a load home. Some of it will be yard sale and others not. I know we will keep the concrete peers.
 On the way home we stop at court house to take care of county business. Got tabs for our pick up. Now Idaho charges $53.75.
Took the paper work in for to get our home property taxes lowered. Look like we're getting about $450 off of our tax bill.

   Even had a little time to go though some more bedding. There ended up being an arm full that I took out to shed/barn. That could be used to cover the garden during early fall.
There not worth yard sale or taking to a thrift store.
But still pull out the sheets from our linen closet, large boxes and vacuum sealer bag. Try to match up some set.
What doesn't match up or fit any of our beds, can be taken to the thrift store, yard sale, or possible made into rag rug.  

I did add anther blanket to the yard sale pile in the basement. I'm pretty much done going though under the stairs. I believe there a few smaller boxes to go though. What I briefly saw I don't believe much is worth putting in yard sale. But never know what one will buy.

Did mange to find a brush or three. Not size I need but mange to do some painting on the hunter smile boots.
It mixer of colors, also it would be a good shade for manure.

Weigh in with my local T.O.P.S group. I try to guess how the result will be. Usual I'm wrong.

Coffee is on  


  1. i always put things in a special place where i'll be able to find them but when the time comes to find them, i have different special place and end up walking around in circles all day. and every time i turn around, i trip over the dog.

  2. Special places have an expiration point of the day before you need the item and then you cannot remember it. The same goes for the last place you saw something ...


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