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Monday, February 15, 2016

What Is The Trouble

I complete understand why Carrie and Hershel want to move. But as long as I've work and when my Alice had them as clients.
There was always going to move.
When she worked for them he was heading over to the Dakota and work on some type of transportation company.
Well he would say I'll be going over to Dakota in month, then a week, then in four day, then next spring, and etc.
Well there friend Earl who had a massive heart attack, and his driving days in Dakota ended. So some how he end working for some low income senior community.
So now there talking about moving to BANDON Oregon. Since there friend Earl is there. And this time they filled out an application to some low income apartments. Usual they talk and take no action.
I understand there not many on the list and one lady is moving out middle of March.

If and there is a lot of "Ifs" in life. I won't have them for clients any more. I been trying to get more hours for her since her hip operation. But the rate there going she could be doing cart wheels.
But my goal is to get 10 more hours. So with increase in Carries hours and maybe anther part time clients I would have my 10 hours.
Now with Carrie possible moving.
Who know how the hours will work out. But Liz and Murphette sign up for in-home care but it hard to figure out how a medicaid nurse will score them.
So I'm a little worried on having my hours cut.

Between Carrie and Regis I stop over at Alice her and I was going over to ALLEY FABRIC NOOK  but there was a sign on the door saying "will be back in a minute" didn't want to stick around.
Had to get to my other client Regis.
But visited with Alice and she is wondering how much longer her client Candy will be at home and heading off to a nursing home.
Her client is in horrible shape and is pretty much bed ridden. Has a portable potty by her bed and it massive under doing to get her on the potty.
Usual she pees and or poop in bed.
It so sad and her husband Joel is an asshole to her.
But both of my client get so many more hours then she does. I believe she get 12 hours a week. and even if her husband is an asshole.
He has physical reason that he can't help her.
They would be better living in a small low income apartments.
So my friend Alice is worried about her hours being cut.

I got some fabric from Alice which she bought quite a bit from one of her friend. I'm using both of them in my up coming rag rug.
The monopoly pattern will be used in red section and the teddy bears in the brown section.
Now the only thing I need to is pick up the switching colors or that word I'm using.

When I came home I notice that quite bit more snow was gone. But still have snow covering the garden spot.

Coffee is on



  1. As if your hours provided you with much income to begin with. I sure hope something comes up.

    With all the crafts you do, have you considered Etsy? I know someone who would be glad to guide you through and provide 40 free listings.

  2. Just wanted to stop by before I leave for the day, and send along a thanks for visiting. I'll try and get back to catch up later this week if I can.

  3. My dad always wanted to go live in the 'green grass of Wyoming.' He never made it, not after years of wanting to move. I think sometimes desire has to take the back seat to reality.

    Cute patterns in that new fabric. How soon until you begin?

  4. Alice..I'm hoping or I'm working toward the goal of when I become 60 I can them have a ceramic studio. But for now a study paycheck is something we need.

    Anni...Always enjoy your visits

    SJ...Not sure when I begin. I like the bears and it would be great on quilt for youngester.

  5. I wanted to say hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm a quilter too. A VERY slow quilter, but a quilter nonetheless.

    I hope things work out for you.


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