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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yesterday Discount Pile

Before I went to my wine and chat. I stop in at A LITTLE COMFORT QUILTING and since I need more gold and brown for the up coming rag rug I'm planning to do.
So in there discontinue pile they had these two colors.
So I got a one yard of gold and one yard and half of brown.
It was 40% off.
Still need to pick up these fabrics for what I'm calling my basic switching colors...One yard of brown, two yards of gold, three yards of green, and four yards of red.

Mange to get a quick fast little walk in. Snow is going away. Actual it was some what soggy outside. Right after dinner it was 40 degrees. Which was pork chops, mac and cheese. and also can carrots.

Murphy set up a light for my craft room. It helps but I think a light shine down on my project would be better.
A trouble light.
Got a little more done on my simile hunter. Decided to do his eyes in blue. Not sure what other color I may use.

Start a page for my Great Grandparents who adopted my grandma Elsie. Actual my dad (Harold) mother was born to Edwin (Erwin) and Emma Trefry Miller. The mother gave birth to twin girls and she died shortly afterwards.
But a couple name Theodore and Sarah Keyport Miller adopted her.
What I understand that her twin sister was name Jessie and was adopted my people name of "Post"
The biological father was deaf.

I been doing a little bit of work on my husband side. His great grand dad "George" was born in Wisconsin and move to Nebraska.
Well he married one of the "Friess" girl and she died and marries his first wife sister (Sister in law)  and she was dead before 1910.
By the other census or any other paper trail. I can't find any other time he remarried and was single father.

I guess general people go from one generation with life as "Nothing new under the sun"

Coffee is on


  1. That looks like you had quite a bit of snow. Ours has been called off for now.
    I like the brown color fabric.
    Unless some family member writes everything down, there isn't much out there. I never did find out about his service record - there isn't one, he never talked about it, yet I have photographs where he is in partial uniform. There is nobody left to ask.
    Have a good week!

  2. Wow re there being so much snow on the ground over where you are! Is this normal? We've been having an unusually cold winter in Hong Kong this year.


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