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Monday, February 22, 2016

Some Done and Not

Did get a little bit of paint applied to my smilie, the soul. Not sure how I'll be doing the boots yet. Confession time...I notice as I get older I seam not to be as stable as I once was.
It seems like my mom sides has some type of tremors. My Uncle Bob has PARKINSON, a least I have good posture.

I did get a little extra walking in today. I tried to increase my pace a bit.
I know every one knows what Candidate TRUMP looks like. I figure most people want to look at North Idaho beauty.
But since your hear. It seem like a lot of what I hear that people who is drawing SSI are for Trump. I don't see him help these people out any.
Plus they bitch about taxes. Where in hell do they think there benefits come from.

Notice some of my Spring bulbs are showing up.

This was going to be for my Grand daughter. As you can see much to big. But I like box style hat. So I'll keep it for my self.

Eating went fairly well. No weigh in tomorrow. Taking Carrie to the pain clinic. I might as well be right up front I had to candy bar.
Breakfast Scrambled eggs, sausage links that is and 2 slice of tosat.
Lunch I pack four items only had change to eat 3, thin slice pork chops, piece of cheese, and apple sauce which I ate at home.
Dinner chicken fried steak, pickled crap apple, and mac and cheese. With a small glass of red wine.
Well I end up having a small bowl of cheerios with raisins.

Actual I'm tired so I'm going to end this.

Coffee is on


  1. Your little guy is coming right along.
    What bulbs are coming up?
    MM-Mmm - pickled crab apples, haven't had any in ages!

  2. I started getting the tremors recently, they can be a pain in the butt.


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