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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Better Then I Thought

Got chance to go though under the stairwell. In the very far area of stairwell was all of my ceramic glazes, underglaze and overglazes.
It was to my surprise that very large majority wasn't dried up.

Inventory on paints won't be as hard. I know the names has been change on some of the glazes. Two of popular glazes was Egg Nog and is now called SPICE CREAM (IN 1027) and the other one was   
IVORY BELLEEK (IN 1629) which didn't change name, just numbers and letters.
Like I said I don't expect to do any real ceramic until I'm 60 years old.
It will take close to 4 years to get it set up. Since I still need to bring in study income.

Have plenty of bedding. I figure 3 blanket for each bed on the average. We have two queens and a twin bed.
Not sure what all we will keep in bedding line but a good portion can be placed in yard sale.
  Not sure what is all in these boxes I did take a quick peak. Some of it I figure is my sons and rest is off to the trash can, to be used, yard sale or to thrift store.

Murphy raked the south east corner of yard, which is our back yard and some around the “royal sunshine” flower bed.

Took a trip to the dump. Now I got everything back under the stairs in order. So it will be easier to go though.
First will be bedding then the boxes.
One good thing about going though stair well items that I got it compact better. Broke down a few boxes which I send to the dump in recycle bin.
Plus I got two boxes of books and lamp shade which I'll take to the thrift store.

Ziggy sure did enjoy his nap in one of the boxes. Could hear him sawing logs.

Coffee is on

1 comment:

  1. You've done a great deal of sorting!
    What a cute little wheel barrow!
    Cats - they always find the boxes, ha ha.


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