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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Was Wrong

Over the years I thought this yellow building was own by one person. Some rich Californian  Who migrated up from California. And some time California get a bad rap.
But it seem they all had big union jobs and now have there pension, which the union got for them.
Now there the biggest "Tea Party" people and since they got there and now they are the most selfish people.
If I sound selfish and jealous "I'm sorry" I have actual know some cool Californian

Well as I was out walking and actual the big yellow building is a Mennonite Church. I knew there was 2 up on North.
But this one is what they call the WOODLAND and I could find a web site to the one in Bonners Ferry.
The link above is to one in Kansas.

   This morning I took Carrie to the pain clinic in Sandpoint. And it looks like there better then a 95% chance she will be moving to BANDON OREGON
I thought it would be a little later down the road. Mid April to the first of May.
Anyhow with her hip surgery she isn't ready to take such a trip.
I'm going to bring up the fact traveling that distant would set her back. Wait a little bit or have her fly down.
As she was in the doctor I gave Murphette a call and remind her that our pagan group SPAIRFITERA  will be having a general get together.
and see if possible her up coming living arrangement is coming along. Not try to be to snoopy. The place she was living want her out the first of April
So I found her and empty apartment in Troy Mt and it part of HUD Plus there openings. I thought her living in her van she would of woken up and learn something.
But now she said she was heading down to the BAY AREA and the LIVING is very HIGH THERE.
There must be some thing real wrong with her thought process.
We make more money then she does and there no way we could afford to live there. I would guess her emotional process and her decision making skills are at preteen or early teen years.
But one thing I notice she keeps a journal and the only time she writes in it. When everything is going just great. When she goes to her therapist every thing is just fine..
At this point I don't believe there much help for her.

Been managing to get a little more walking in. Eating been fairly good. Stop in at Taco Bell for lunch. Tried not to stuff my self.
Breakfast potatoes and eggs. Dinner was pork roast, bake potato with butter and a salad.
Also a three cookies. I would rate them medium but not quite big in size.
I did finish the hat I started but still need to tie it off.

All in all and if nothing goes terrible wrong, and even with minor mishaps in life. He and I could live on $1,200 a month.
So if I could keep doing home care with the same company. I would need 14 hours a week.
Which Murphy social security check is $669 and my monthly income would be about $560.

There plenty to do around here. Start to clean, sort and organize under the stairwell.

Coffee is on


  1. just finishing up another big pot of bean soup. maybe one or two more bean soup marathons before the warm weather hits.

    what's better than having lots of money?

    not needing lots of money.

  2. Big "yellow" building? Is it my monitor or did they recently paint? It is a pretty place of worship.

    I see that all of the snow is gone, lots better for walking, I'm sure. I like your view!

  3. Boy he sure does't get much SS.

    Do those others take stupid pills?


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