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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Building Up To Something

Yesterdays POST  not sure if I made it clear on not. My husband doesn't have cancer in his polyps. But the type of polyps tend to lead to cancer.
But still we need to keep on it.

Eating went fairly good. A little struggle with breakfast and lunch. Should of ate more earlier 2 piece of toast and a bowl of cheerios and chili.
Then for dinner spaghetti and a nice green salad.

As for my naughty food was a cookie and hot chocolate. Did have a shot glass of wine called THREE THIEVES wine.
Could add anther 2 slice of toast and 2 dates. 

Got back to clean out the small bedroom, which I would like to make into a sewing room. But during the holidays I stuck the non holiday stuff in the room.
There a small book case I want to yard sell, and I start to go though the books. Found 4 I'll take to the thrift store and they should be more.
But since the washer was going with whites, and I use bleach on my whites. Get right to the point a lot house hold chemicals bothers me.
So the washer and dryer is in our basement and when in use, door is open to bring in fresh air from out side.
So it limited me on taking items down to basement, and placing them in yard sale pile.

Confession time...I feel like any of my goals always put on the back burner, but I don't expect them always be out the front burner. Totally on high either.
I still would like to place a small ceramic studio in our basement. But the scarey fact is I have to bring in a guarantee pay check.
And I figure on good month the net in ceramics would be $1, 800 a month. Crappy month it would be $200 a month.
If I was sure every month I would take in $800 a month and run the studio part time on three days a week I would take the chance.
Confession time...I get tired of living in reality.

Home care can be a pain in the ass. Mostly when your client crawl out of the depths of hell, and had plenty of that with Donna and Doc.
Now with Carrie and Regis oh what a relief it is to work with them.
Murphette now need some help, since she has her own place. If memory calls it right. She had 6 to 8 hours a week before.

Complete understand why DOWNTON ABBEY It takes place during the rein of King Edward, Queen Victoria son.
Those big English estates slowly start to go down at the beginning of 1900's. Start of WWI and to WWII there was a lot of changing in our society. That these big estate had out grow there need.

As any great book or television show. I wonder why certain charters aren't continued on. Me, personal I would continue the story of TOM and EDITH 
Both have compassion and want better life for other people. Plain and simple I believe there socialist.
Not communist.! There is a different between the TWO 
I'm complete satisfy that the government has it hand in certain things.

Coffee is on   


  1. I eat in order to take my pills, but I don't think I could eat Cheerios and chili at the same sitting. :) Most times there are not 4 different items to eat at the same time, unless it's loaded with calories ...

    My skin is terribly sensitive to bleach and most laundry additives. My lungs don't appreciate them either.

    Our insurance doesn't cover home care, so I am pretty much stagnating here.

    Love the pre-WW1 era, I should have lived back then ...

    I have tried a lot of things, but never thought about ceramics. Too late now, I think now that it might have been interesting.

  2. Hi Dora. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a fan of Downton Abbey, too. We will watch it tonight when it appears on our PBS station website as we don't have regular tv and are looking forward to it very much. Good luck with your diet plans! And Happy New Year.

  3. I'm mostly into smoothies for breakfast, but now that it's colder weather, I like to eat hot grits and eggs, or oatmeal or Cream of Rice with fruit and maple syrup.

    I say go for it and set up that sewing/craft room! I wish I had a separate room I could use for that purpose. Right now, my sewing/quilting/crafting area is primarily the livingroom!


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