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Monday, January 04, 2016

Got Going Again

Yesterday, in my POST I mention my two favor uppity charter from down abbey. My first one would have to be DAISY who is played by SOPHIE MCSHERA
I have to give it to PHYLLIS who is played by RAQUEL CASSIDY.
Both of these ladies are will to stand up for there self, and even they weren't dealt the best hand in life.
They don't cry and complain. Actual they try new and learn things, so they can improve there self.

Then after Edwardian period people move into ROARING TWENTIES. It would be interesting to see the story continue on into the twenties.
See how the charters develop.

Eating went well. I did super good. I won a loaf of home made bread. And had one slice with my chicken and corn dinner.
Smoothies made from left over salad, orange, and apple. Chop up some walnuts. 
Let see I also had some type of yogurt bar, and left over spaghetti.
Going to miss my weigh in, and on my home scales I'm down a bit.
Driving Carrie to the pain clinic. 

   Got back in clean out the corner in the small bedroom. Picked up something not heavy at all, and twisted a muscle in my back.
but got the books remove from the bookcase, and ended up placing the fabric on it. Most of the corner is done now.
Now on to the table that the legs folds in, not a card table. Which will be moved on to window wall so I can get to the bed.
Then I should be able to bring up the sewing stand.

 Picked up 2 application for 2 ladies who could use in home care. One for Pasty and the other one is for Murphette.
But the one for Pasty I left with LaWalla. And I already gave Murphette hers.
So hopeful everything is ready to go by end of January or first part of February.

Coffee is on


  1. Okay, carry on...

  2. mmm, homemade bread! hope it was good :)

  3. Homemade bread is probably my biggest weakness...after chocolate!


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