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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Start With and End With

It been kind of those lay back days. As for my eating I have to say I had better and I had worst days. Well I might as well get my spanking over with.
I had a so so Pina colada. It would be much better with crush ice and crush pineapples.
Breakfast consist of two strips of bacon. 2 eggs, and 2 slice of toast.
Lunch grill cheese sandwich, and bowl of tomato soup. Well tried a new type of cheese "white cheddar" couldn't tell any different between white and yellow
Dinner is Turkey. When the different organization was giving out Turkey for the needy in our community.
My friend LaWalla sign up for a Turkey and she totally a healthy nut. So we're eating her Turkey.
Adding Sweet potatoes and salad

For the younger boys I got them "Harmonics" as I'm wrapping them. I'm snickering to my self "Won't the parents love these"
For the kids gifts I always put an ornament on there gift. In hope someone keeps them for there tree when they have there own.
Decking out for holidays can be some what costly. Confession time...quite a bit of my ornaments comes from Thrift stores.
Tried my hand of making gift bags. Didn't put handles on it. But I see I need to tuck the top half corner in differently.
Not sure what kind of creature it is. But Brutus the dog will get it for Christmas. It only cost fifty nine cent at the thrift store. And know it will be tore up in no time.
Planning to make a few more bags.

The top of the tree I like to put my new ornaments. Every year I pick up some different. This year I got a birds in cage, rocking horse, and set of milk jugs in a wire container. 
Since Murphy and I got a grand child coming we need to start getting PICKLE ORNAMENT to hang on the tree, and take off the cap and place a little bit of money in it.

Coffee is on


  1. i love blues harmonica, especially sonny boy williamson. sonny and brownie are pretty good too.

  2. Not even sure what bran of harmonica


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