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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Time I Don't Understand Us Humans

Before I finish up choosing and health coverage though YOUR IDAHO HEALTH this year I paid just under $30 a month. Now I'm going to paying $83.79 a month with an $5.500 deducible. With very little coverage.
In the state of Idaho if you can't find coverage less then 8% of your gross income you don't need to apply for health coverage.
The new cost of insurance will be about 9% of my income. But still if I every had a major illness or accident I still at this point in my life. I would end up going bankrupt or be out in the streets.
I'm still for Socialize Medicine. Not looking for a hand out. Confession time...I don't hold much truth or faith in private insurance I believe if I have any major claims I will have to get lawyer to get what is rightful mine.


Before I went to see about insurance. I mange to get in a walk and took my camera. Not sure why I took a photo of the row boat.
Well found out Murphette found a place or seem to. One of the ladies at the clinic took her in. The only thing Murphette is responsible is to pay the power on the place.
Hopeful this works out. Nothing against her. She was wondering if Murphette would pay the electrical.
She isn't a dishonest person but she makes horrible choices and seem not to learn from them. I told her the worst thing one actual could do is enable her.

A liitle much I got two birds one is a Robin and the other a Baltimore Orioles clip on ornaments, has sound to both of them.
Well after hearing the news about what I'll be paying for health coverage. I was a little up set. Going to change our budget a bit for the up coming year.
Usual at the bakery in Super One they have a few samples. Well I grab a little extra then usual, but still kept it in checked.
Breakfast I had some left over ham from T.O.P.S brunch so Murphy made McVandenberg. Lunch was warmed up spaghetti and pears.
Dinner was pork chop a small bake potato.

 Remember I work with crazy people. And some time people attracts drama in there life. or they believe they need it.
Regis and Liz who are inlaws actual have a close relationship. Nothing sexual about it
At times Regis will go and visit his Liz at her place at deep creek.
Her ex boy friend Earl was told to stay complete away and thought he was out of town or even the state.
Monday morning he was peaking in the windows of her cabin. Not sure how long he was peaking in the window.
Well a little later on what I under stand. Regis step out and there stood Earl saying "I'm back" and Regis said "One moment" and step in place and locked the door.
Called the sheriff office and they send out quite a few deputies and dogs looking for him.
They did find him shortly before nine in the morning. and haul him off to jail.

I guess if you got money you sure play by a different set of rules, he posted bail.
If I had to rate there mental illness on scale 1 to 10. Since Regis been in therapy for ages I would put him at 7. Liz at a 8 and the reason for this is stress level she been at. Now for her ex Earl a 10 a total nut case.
Refuse to do anything about his mental illness. Hell he parks his vehicle on train tracks and other crazy crap.
The scary part is that he can actual have a gun.

  Well I did make my first gift bag. I believe I'll put Brutus Carrie and Hershel pooch present in it. His came from a local thrift store.

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  1. We're now paying $70 bucks a month for a $10,000 deductible and a $13,500 out of pocket max. The next available choice (with the doctor that we have to have for my husband's upcoming surgery) and cheaper deductible and max was a monthly premium of $250 which we cannot afford.
    Yes, we need socialized medicine here!

  2. As near as I can tell, the new insurance mandate is a big rip off.

  3. Carol, I don't even see coming this close to our deductible. Maybe if I broke two or three bones then I would. Although not planning on it.

    Bill, As far as I see it only benefits the private insurance.

  4. The boat is a fabulous shot. I'm glad you happened to have your camera with you.

    Health insurance is eating us alive, too. There's supposed to be a visa account that covers the deductible, but it only pulls out $2000 a year and the insurance gap is that much for each of us. When both my dh and I needed care this year, we ended up shelling out of pocket because the visa only covered one of us.

    Even if he got out on bail, at least they got him away from the house for a little while. Scary business.

  5. Alice not sure how Mt is set up. But our state insurance exchange if you have to use 8% of your gross income to buy insurance. You can get out of it. Well I wish it was a little more and wouldn't purchased the crap insurance I ended up with.

    Coffee is on


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