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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Saying "No" Doesn't Give Me Any Joy

This morning as I was heading out Murphette called me and wondering if she could plug in for a few days.
I thought I made it clear that she wasn't to plug in. Actual I thought I was forcing her to help her self. But I'm starting to think she doesn't have the basic every day living skills to take care of her self.
She always ask for me, when she calls. She figure my husband is more likely to say "no" then me. Well when she ask I said "No your not plugging in" and hung up on her.
We tried to help her just little longer then six months. I can't say she didn't do anything for her living situation, but I believe she could of done a lot more.
Liz suggested the trailer park out in Moyie Spring usual you can find a rental in the $400 range. But she didn't want to live in that trailer part.
Confession time....I'm not a big fan of trailers or parks. But it better then being homeless. Confession time...It would drive me crazy to set all day in a vehicle. I did enough of it when I was younger when my dad went in bar to have a few drinks. I would have to get out and lease walk a bit.
Her one famous line is "I'm smarter then the average bear" Hell if she so smart why is she homeless. Had to live on rice and beans for entire month because I made a bad choice in managing my money, years ago. Never did that fuck up again.

I never got much enjoyment saying "No" even to my son when they was little. Confession time....I feel like an heartless person, when I say "No"

Today Carrie who I take care. They where low on coffee enough for one more pot of coffee. I figure why not ask the local food bank if they could spare a little bit of coffee.
If you don't ask and the only thing they could say is "No" or "Yes" well they gave her about quart of coffee. They get a check on Wednesday.

No I didn't blog every day in November. I took part in National blogging month. There the November one about writing and Novel.
Not sure what Blog her has install for. But there talk about a WRITING LAB. I know I won't be taking part in it.
But I had a chance to visit some great blogs and these are the last four I visited





I should of and could of said "No" I ate crap most of the day. Like I said I felt like a heartless person after telling Murphette she can't plug in.
So I stuff my face all or most of the time with sugary carbs. Had two doughnuts and  let see a piece of candy when I put gas in the car, two types of goo nut bar,
I did have some other foods...piece of toast and peanut butter, oh 2 links sausage. I didn't eat much for breakfast had to weigh in at my local weight lost group. I tried to eat with sense during Thanksgiving and wanted an half pound gain. I was up 2 pounds.
Lunch was left over, pork chops, rice with veggies. Dinner was ground beef patties, mac and cheese, and pickled beets.
As Carrie was at her appointment I did mange to get in a walk today.

Coffee is on



  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    When you live surrounded by people who want to take advantage of your generous heart, you have no choice but learn to say no on occasion. Parasites will attach themselves to kind hearted people and proceed to bleed them dry. They are selfish and self centered and don't give a damn about what happens to you. When you run out of support and finally have no choice but to deny them any more help, they get hostile and try and blame you for their own problems. Discernment is the key here, I think! Give every gift of your time and resources a lot of consideration and don't just react to a perceived need. sorry for long comment.

  2. Don't feel heartless. You still are willing to help her ( found a place in the trailer park). I'm sure plenty of us have screwed up finances and figured it out. The sad thing hing is, some never learn.

  3. I've tried helping people like that and it never works, they just use others. She can plug in at the library.


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