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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

It's Wednesday

   I bet a lot of you could care less what day of the week it is. Both my client Regis and Carrie has there social workers come in.
So Murphy usual have some project and he never thought what I might need or want to do.

But I did get some small project completed. Went and took care of my affordable medical care, or some called "Obama Care" for me. It been good.
Got my coffee table clean up and now I can put up some Yule decorations.

Murphy went over to his sister and visited, as I was taking care of my medical insurance. She was putting up the yule trees, she puts up four. Well her bed and breakfast is fairly large.
I help her put on some of the ornaments.  It always fun to do some others place. Your stuff after a while get dull and boring.

Water drinking is going a little better. My weekly goal is to drink a least 16 oz of water before I live our place. And if I'm not heading out before 9 in the morning.
Breakfast we went to Super One and had some biscuit and sausage gravy. I had the one biscuit, he had two.
Lunch was an salmon sandwich. add celery, onion, and pickles. I had mine on toast instead of bread.
Dinner pork roast, half of sweet potatoes, and cauliflower with a cheese sauce.
Now for the naughty bites a small candy bar those bars are around 2 inches in size. and 3 little airy type of candy, would fit in a quarter cup.

Now I'm trying to find the best rate to send a package to my son and his wife in Medford Ore. I won't ship Fed ex.
They treat there employees like crap. Anyhow I don't want to rant about working or workers. I should say I don't want to rant about crappy employers who treat there workers like "shit"
The package I'm sending weighs about five pounds. the measurements are 6 inches tall, 12 inches in length, and 11 inches in width.
I found the prices for ups which is $15.17 and the flat rate box would be $12.65 from the post office. But what I can't find is standard shipping rate with the post office.
Question time doesn't anyone ship simple standard ground any more?

  Coffee is on  

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  1. I ship with the cheapest rate I can find, I don't care when it gets there.


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