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Monday, November 30, 2015

It Didn't Get Out Of Control

Murphy is official 65 years and on MEDICARE. He had his first experience with it. Getting his colonoscopy  lined up.
Drove to the hospital in Bonner County, down in Sandpoint and for him to see a surgical nurse who asked him a bunch of question. Not sure what was all asked.
They ask him if he smoked marijuana. His opinion flared up, although not at nurse. But I heard it then.
So they told him he need to quite smoking pot for 24 hours.
Something so simple ends up being some what stressful. Murphy thought it was pretty bad. Actual it was easy compare some days.

Eating I believe I kept under control. Breakfast simple eggs, potatoes, and links sausage. Lunch a bowl of soup.
Snacks a few peanuts, and shred wheat with raisins.

Well I got my pagan group general gathering this evening.




  1. Your breakfast sounded delicious!!

  2. They didn't tell me I had to stop smoking when I had a colonoscopy recently. What in the hell does smoke have to do with your butt?????

    Reminds me of an old saying "blowing smoke up your ass". Hahahahaha

  3. Bill...I'm clueless what smoking anything has to with colonoscopy.


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