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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bills, Who Doesn't Have A Few Of Them

Question time...What sort of respond is people expecting out of these statement? "I got bills" Like there special or something. And know one else has bills.
Gee maybe I should call my local communications company, and explain to them that "I got bills, such as the water company, and possible with fingers cross they will stop billing me.
Any how between my long distant, cell phone, and land line there the biggest consumer of my money.
Shame on them!
I shouldn't complain. Our utilities for the entire month of December came to $223.02.

Christmas shopping is done. Well I'm still waiting for a gift to show up. But it for some one who is a year younger then me.
Didn't go in hole for Christmas.

Found out my youngest son Bart and his wife Molly isn't coming up. I feel a little sad. It been a while since either one of my sons been home for any holidays.
We had a dumping of snow and more to come. So the roads possible not the greatest to drive on.
I actual wouldn't want them to drive on bad roads
At times, but not all the time.
I wonder if I was horrible mom. Neither one of my sons is hanging on my apron strings or living in our basement.
But the way Idaho politics is I see my son Opinion time...Refuges from North Idaho.

Maybe I did a little better when it comes to eating. Haven't yet had dinner. Looks like we're have Turkey LaKing. Plenty of salt with Kale for a veggie.
Breakfast was left over Pizza. Lunch did up a tuna fish sandwich.
My stomach was slightly bothering me. Murphy and I was in Super One and I had a twenty five cent ice cream cone, chocolate.
Got more water down then I usual do.

Coffee is on


  1. Pizza and a tuna fish sandwich, yum yum. Why do you still have a landline? I haven't had one for years.

  2. Bill..Just haven't got rid of it.

  3. Your watching what you eat has been inspirational for me. I have lost 19 lbs now and I am always encouraged by your posts. It is a bummer your son and his wife decided not to travel. My folks live in Arizona and I dread traveling during the holidays. Takes the joy out of visiting when I have to be at the airport 3 hours early and deal with crowds.


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