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Monday, November 16, 2015

I Should Of Have Answer

    I usual try to be open minded on the world happen around me. Usual Idaho politics and ways of thinking toward others, I cross paths a few times
As you know there plenty of Syria's refugees, that needs help.
Living in a real world I don't care how careful one is. Some will fall though the cracks of a system. There will be ones who should of got in and don't. Then there is the ones who will get in and shouldn't of.
But all in all most of them our like any good heart person that does have basic ethics and morals to live by.
 As citizen of the United States been ask to contact your elected officials about the Syrian refugees.

  Food eating went fine. I believe for so far today. Right now as I type out this post. I'm hungry. Breakfast pancake and sausage patty. On the pancake I had peanut butter,
Lunch there wasn't much around the place. So I took some yogurt and a banana , But want to add 2 more items to my lunch, stop in at Super One.
Got some raw Spanish peanuts which I believe is making my stomach turn and giving me gas. Then I got my self a smokey from the deli.
Dinner I know will consist of roast beef and what else is unknown at this time.

I'm heading to Liz birthday party she will be 56. Regis made her a German Chocolate cake. I need to get dish washer soap.
We finely got it hooked up. Can't beat $40 from a thrift store.

                                    Coffee is on


  1. Fuck the Syrian refugees.

  2. Sounds like the day went well overall.

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    I so tired of the craziness Dora.. I can't even tell you. I have to agree with BCC though, that's pretty much how I feel.
    On a happier note, you sound like you're keeping on track with your healthy eating. :) That cake will be a temptation. It would be for me anyway!
    Keep up the healthy lifestyle. I'm cheering you on!

  4. The Syrian situation is tough but I suspect terrorists would not choose a boat ride in a leaky dingy over ice cold water to sneak in when it is so easy to sneak in (apparently) by plane.


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