weight lost and walking

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wondering How Long

Wind howl and blew like crazy yesterday. The power was on and off. Actual came down to it. It was on more than off. The wind storm was mostly to the south of us.
The only damage we had was one corner of garden fence.

Well I pretty much gain the weight I lost,
Confession time...I'm surprise I let my self get this heavy. I guess it a new look at it. I use to say "I'm surprise I got this heavy" Neither blaming or taking responsibility for my choices.
Our weight lost group T.O.P.S is finishing up there last contest. I'm out of the running.
Then we start our holiday contest which will take us to the new year.

Been told your comfortable with certain things in life. Neither right or wrong. In one since I married my father.
My husband and my father was grippers and cussed a lot.
Confession time...After a while it even bothers me....And at times I use food to self medicated my self....I find it stressful.
When my dear hubby starts bitching and complaining. I'm going to drink a glass of water. I could drink a cocktail or two.
Hopeful I can start in habit of drinking water.
Before I went to work I mange to get 40 oz of hot water down.

The only sweet I had was when I did a little shopping at Super One. Usual at there bakery they have samples out. I just had to have one.
But at end I was thinking of having a candy bar. But didn't.
Breakfast one shred it wheat. I call them hay bales.
I ate breakfast fairly early and Murphy and I had a McVandenberger.
Lunch I like to eat 4 items and I counted my roast beef sandwich as 2 items. Also had pretzel and dipping stuff. I know I had something else but it's not coming to me.
Dinner left over spaghetti on whole wheat noodles, and green salad.

I mange to get in a small walk. Went and walk a little bit down on Ball Park rd, dist 2 area. I don't know if this little spring dried up over the summer or not. But it was going pretty good today.

Purcells toward Montana and Canada. They look mighty cold.

Also got a shot of Clifty and Katka peak. Plus a little bit of a  farming fields. Around here they grow usual winter wheat.

Mange to get an crochet Project done, a swift cover for doing the floors. The first one is a test pattern. I'm fairly please. But I know It doesn't have to be a long. I can shorten it up a bit.

Coffee is on



  1. Drinking water works for me, Peppy! And I believe you're right to count a sandwich as two items -- protein and carbs. Lately I've tried to "balance" my daily diet by eating an apple or an orange for every piece of meat, and keeping that meat portion to the size of my palm. (I'm a woman who could snap up a porterhouse steak, all by herself. Grrr.)

  2. Beth. Do you have a blog and where is it?

  3. Beth is using Google Plus, I hate Google Plus.

    Terry called and said their power was out and they were running a generator but it is expensive to run one for very long.

  4. I know Beth is using Google Plus. I'm not a big fan of Google Plus. If she has a blog I would be glad to stop by.

  5. I haven't got a blog, yet, Dora. Perhaps, someday, when I finally retire from full-time employment involving a long commute...

  6. Beth I'm on facebook under Dora Witherell Vandenberg. I don't do Google Plus

  7. Hang in there! You can do whatever you put your mind to. You just have to want to. Peace!


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