Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oh Well. I Can't Say I Care

I been taking part in Na Bl Po Mo, National Blog Posting Month. Do a blog post for the entire month of November.
Well I fell short. But sure not going to loose any sleep over it. More important things I can loose sleep over.
Found a some interesting blogs this last week.






Saturday I met with a group of ladies who usual knit or crochet. Took my dish cloth I was working on and thought I would complete it. Ran out of yarn.
So I start to make a swifter dusting cover.

I couldn't say I don't care if Murphette freeze. I actual do care. I know every community have there homeless population.
But it hard when a face you know has a name to it.
I don't know what she was hoping or wishing for. It looks like situation the more you do, the less they will do.
I know darn well Murphette isn't the only one who is homeless. Our community could build some of these tiny homes.
Super low rent. Which would cover the taxes and utilities. Ok I might be. Yes I am. Lot of time people who get there self in a mess, usual does it on there own terms.
There no free lunch in life, which it should be. But nothing wrong with a hand up.

Not going to post much on what I ate. the last thing I put in my mouth was an oven fry. I don't why I can't get my self in right mind set to loose some weight.

.Today our pagan group, Spairfitera met for our monthly coffee gathering at Super One deli, Bonners Ferry Idaho.
A small group of 3 ladies, and my self,. . We usual have a laugh or so. November is deer season and one of the ladies share her deer cutting up adventure.
Nothing to heavy was talked about. I guess the heaviest subject was technology and how some people are complete rude with it.
We also brought up are next general meeting. Always the last Monday of the month. We're going to see about having it on last Wednesday.
But since I have flyers made up for November, on the 30th all ready.

At our next gathering and meeting will be covering the first five major acana, FOOLMAGICIANEMPRESSEMPEROR, and HIEROPHANT. And hopeful we can cover chapter one in COMPLETE BOOK OF WITCH CRAFT.
Also brought up YULE and finding a place to hold our events seem to be a problem.
A couple of ideals of places to have it.
But the ideal of having a cookie or sweet tooth exchange. Everyone seem to be on the same page.

Since I brought up deer. Around here there a real pain. They tore up part of our garden fence. Actual put a hole in fence. So Murphy and I had to repair it today.

Coffee is on


  1. Thank you so much for providing a link to my blog (Walking In My Destiny) on your post. Enjoyed your story, but I gotta comment on the deer... They actually are good to eat...

    And would go well with your coffee.

    God Bless!

  2. Deer are abundant here in the Midwest. They are traffic hazards, of course, and will travel miles across lush fields to nosh on home gardens and orchards. Fortunately, our local food banks have set up programs to accept hunters's donations of legally taken venison.

    As you're well aware, Peppy, how best to feed the hungry and house the homeless has challenged civilized society since history began keeping records of charities, Peppy. I prefer to put my alms in the bowl of a responsible 3rd party (the food bank, a local "cop can") rather than directly into the hands of the needy. No good deed goes unpunished: sometimes the needy nip the hands that feed them.

  3. i haven't brought my taro cards out in years but they're carefully wrapped in a black cloth sitting in a special slot in my old roll top desk.

  4. I don't know if food pantries here will accept legally hunted deer - there are so many of them, even within city limits. Where my mother in law lives, I saw three one evening right in the road running in back of her apartment. By the way, I know someone (not a former homeless person) who lives in one of those tiny houses - she is quite content. Alana


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