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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Three Four Open the Door

   It should say "Three Four Open My Mouth" I dried some garbanzo beans, and silly me I thought I would get  few snack bags out of them.
If you haven't heard of dried garbanzo beans. It quite simple. Take can of garbanzo beans raise and drain well.
Place them on oil (Pam spray will work) cookie sheet and season the garbanzo beans as you like. Place them on cookie sheet and put them in a oven at 400 degrees. Checking every 10 minutes. When there dry there done. Got a corn nut texture to them.
A healthy snack, if you can control your portions.
Breakfast consist of two eggs, two sausage, and two pieces of toast. Lunch I will consider those dried garbanzo beans and sushi  .
A later in afternoon I had an burrito.
Dinner pork steak and using part of it for my lunch tomorrow, 4 sushi rolls, and green beans.

Quenella came and did some typing.
This is the lowest I had our checking account for a very long time, it down to One hundred and fifty two dollars.
I'll get a $100 back from Hershel that I loan him this next Wednesday the 21st and my paycheck will be here Saturday the 24th.

Started to clean the basement, wear I want to put in the ceramic shop. I thought I would have the chance to mend up some of these toys. I figure if I haven't done them by now there heading to the dump.
Confession time...I feel sad that they will be end up in dump. It like tossing part of you away. 
I know at times one needs to move on and change. Usual I say change is good.

Got plenty of empty boxes and containers. I want to take out half of these. Earlier I took out some card board.

Took a quick look in these boxes and I know there items I want to keep, other will go to trash, and some will be in my yard sale in 2016.
I got my finger crossed.
The air compressor under the chair is to my air brush. I haven't seen my air brush parts for ages.

Coffee is on

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