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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One Two Buckle My Shoe

   I have fat feet or wide feet. Well I weigh in at 212 today at T.O.P.S I lost the most weight for the week.
Two pounds and I get my ears re-punch. I actual have pierce ear rings.
Well breakfast start out a slice of cold pizza.
I took Carrie to John Harper funeral at Mountain Spring Church. I met the wife of John Harper a few times.
And I stayed with my lunch eating plan. 4 items a salad, two pickled green beans, prunes, and a casserole protein dish, and for dessert a small slice of pie.
Confession time...I did have more then four items, I did have a small cookie like item, and also a small milky way candy bar
Then at home I had two burritos. The first one was fairly early and around six I had the other. Also some peanuts.
Nothing after seven at night.

 Been thinking how I possible want to lay out my ceramic shop. So I put it on spread sheet. The sky blue color will be a cubbie hole area. My customers will have the optional to rent a space so they can keep there projects there working on
Purple is a window and I want to put in a vent and fan, so customers can spray there sealer and not choke out any others.
Red is where the shelving for greenware and bisque will go.
All of the shelving and including the cubbie holes. Will be 2 feet wide. The shelf for the bisque and greenwear will be about 18 feet long.
lighter blue is a place to keep my wood and above the wood I want to have a six foot shelf that I can move items in an out from my kilns in the garage.
The reason I have my kiln in the garage, I believe firing glazes can have some health risk.
Yellow will be table and chair so people can work on there projects. I figure with this set up I can handle 10 people at one time.
All in all my studio will measure 14 by 20 feet.

One thing I need to do is clear stuff out the way. I clear a corner to put items that I need to yard sale or haul off to the thrift store.
One of my goals was to have a yard sale this year and I just don't see it happening. The dog "Daisy wasn't to be in the photo.
I might have to move the spruce wood around a bit. That wood is use for kindling.

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