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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

So Short and Sweet

   We got rain off and on though out the day. Went to both of my client. Carrie had an eight this morning doctor appointment.
A red flag was sent to her doctor about her pain meds. One of the doctor at clinic suggest that she takes 3 a day of Oxicontin.
Well we had to listen to a lecture about pain meds. So she back on her old regiment. Oxi at 30mg twice a day. Then in between time she takes hydrocodone and
she also takes lycira. With all that pain med she takes trazodone for sleeping.
Well since we was at the doctor I had her leg checked out, for blood clots. And one is still fairly large and tender, thought she should get and x ray on her left femur.
She will have her interview with the Medicaid nurse, and possible she will get more time under "supervision" The nurse is coming out the 17th.
After Carrie I went over to Regis did up a few dishes, and little vacuum. Recently they redid his psychology meds. Some time I think he doing better and other day not so.
We went to two thrift stores, and shopping at safeway. He was pretty sore from the activity.

Eating went fairly ok, I guess. In my own thoughts I mess up twice. Took Carrie to the local food bank.
By the coffee pot they have a few treats and I got a hostess "Ho Ho" and when we got back to her place I reheated up some "lemon poppy seed scones" with coffee.
Did mange to get a walk in, a little over 15 minutes.
Took my camera and got photo of clouds and sky.

I bought an DNA though Ancestry. It just arrived the other day and it takes them time to get result back.
One thing I can tell you what I dug up on my dad (Witherell) side they sure seem to be some what inbred since way back in the late 1800's.
Although I haven't ran into any first cousin being married.
I often wonder why my line is dying out. Seem like they never reproduce little ones...
My 2nd great grandfather "Gilman" had 3 sons and 2 daughters. The girls died before they were 12 years old.
The oldest son George and wife Suzie move to California and had one son "Herbert" As far as I can find out "Herbert" had no childern. Found a step child and uses the last name of "Witherell" Now for the second child "Henry" who had one son "Harley" and he died in the civil war living a widow and she remarries.
As for his son "Harley" he has one son "Harry" and no children was born to "Harry"
Now my great grand father "Dewayne" has two sons " Maurice" and "Clarence" Maurice died do to the Earth Quake in San Francisco,(early 1900's) leaving no children. My Grandfather marries my grandmother "Elise" has my dad "Harold" Pete they soon get a divorce. Both remarries, Clarence marries Pearl who I understand was widow. But they have no children together. Elsie remarries and has quite a few children which would be my dad 1/2 sibblings.
Even before my dad marries my mom he has two other wife. Anna which she dies 3 months into the marriage. No children in this reunion. Later on my dad marries Lousie and they were married for around 20 years no children.
My dad marries my mom "Myra" and they only have me.
I found two siblings for "Gilman" a sister "Harriet" and a brother "Theodore"not sure where either one of there lines go or continue to...

                                                             Coffee is on


  1. nice clouds, i must have stared at them for 5 minutes trying to figure out what images were hidden in them but i just couldn't decide so i just enjoyed them for a few more minutes.


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