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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Haven't Gave Up

      Our T,O,P.S contest ended and my name didn't get drawn. The lady who did I believe she got close to $80.00
My weigh in was 214. I didn't gain or loose.
We're going to take a break from any challenge. I need something pretty much on daily, that keep my on target.
I'll be doing a mini version of what we done past 6 weeks or so.
Daily, I will be keep track of these task...Food Journal, which will be on my blog, Breakfast, a lot of time if I start with a healthy breakfast I'll continue eating that way though out the day, Exercise and I need just plain and simple get back doing this, 4 serving of fruit and or vegetables, and a daily weigh in.
Now for weekly task...Contact Member it also reminds me that I'm worthy of becoming healthy, Positive Note which I like having a positive attitude, and a new food.
As you can see I had some popcorn for after dinner snack. Lunch was 4 items I put in my lunch. But only had time to eat three of them, Ended up eating my yogurt at home.
Breakfast was a piece of toast so I could take my meds.
At one my client I had 1/2 of doughnut and 1/2 of cookie.
Dinner ended up being an ground beef patty with melt cheese, green beans and yellow tomatoes from the garden, and some oven fries all on small plate.

    I lay low on facebook for the entire month of August, and I believe I post or comment on anything less then 10 times. I know politics and religious statement can get most people up in arms. I posted these two things on my facebook page. One of comments was " How liberals like spending other people money" Statement time...I don't believe most conservative want to help the needy, poor, or sick. It seem there whole ideal is to have every one pull them self up by there boot straps.
Lot of people can't afford the boots let lone the laces.

Two statement usual take me back..."How Liberal like spending other people money" and "Your such kind and helpful person you must be a Christian"
I have two local charity I donate monthly to. about $15 worth of items. I'm a liberal and I have never ask anyone for money, and what I purchase comes out of my check that I earn. Today I bought two large cases of paper towels and took them out to the "Hope House" They help the needy with usual non food items.
I don't know why people think only Christians are moral and have ethics. Confession time...the Hope House is sort of Christian base ideal and lot of local Christians donate to them. Well I've seem some NON Christ like action and attitude out there.
I know I won't be donating to them in 2016
Couple of people I know went out there and they were discriminated against.
Well I know I don't have much but if I can improve someone life and give them a hand up. Even so slightly. Make there life a little bit better as there here on earth it well worth it. Why wait for any type of Enjoyment until your in heaven. Confession time....Personal I don't believe there heaven or hell.

          Aren't these pretty. Murphy picked these out garden today. There some type of chili peppers, he want to dry them and make chili powder out of them.

                                                                            Coffee is on


  1. I did something like that in MyFItnessPal. I got lazy but if I go back to it, I can lose more weight and get toned. Oh well, one of these days.


  2. Popcorn is a good food to snack on.


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