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Thursday, September 03, 2015

It Half Gone 2015

Murphy and I went and sort of sign up for his medicare. He receive his card a short time back I know if your at a certain income level they won't take out the $104 and some odd cents.
The lady who help us wasn't sure if we qualify or not. We might have to much resources.
The IRA is mine and not my husband. Plus I can't touch it until I'm 59 ½ years old or I'll be penalized.
The federal government looks at resources as non community property. But the state of Idaho and like most state. Between a married couple usual has some type of community property laws.
So in a week or two we will be getting a letter from the state and federal government to see if we do or 
don't pay, let just call it $105 a month. Also there some type of programs that helps you with 20%.

Do to my job I see how medicare and medicaid works. My husband was lost though the entire thing.

          As for eating I think I did ok. I should have had much structure today. I nibbled more today then I usual do. Meal planning does help when it comes to loosing weight.
Did I tell you when I weigh in this morning, non nude I was at 213. Manage to get walk in. At slow pace my ankle and heal been giving me issue.

        Dinner Murphy made a stew and all the veggies came out of the garden.

           Still have plenty of pears and I made a pear pie. Crust is basic two ingredients flour and shorting or lard. With pinch of salt and sugar. and water to bind it all together.


Not sure what the weather bring. Murphy heard that we might be in a temporary cold snap.
So we wrap up the tomatoes. Reminds me of a wooden Indian statue.

 Garden doing great. Since we had such a hot summer got quite a few mini melon. It just Murphy and I the bigger ones just goes to waste.

Today the stuff I order came in. My friend LaWalla is going to teach Alice and how to do Locker hook craft.

                                Also order yarn to make dish clothes out.

By Christmas I hope I will have all the dish cloth done. If I counted right I like to do up 8 and my daughter in law will each get 8 wash clothes for a Christmas gift. Make a few hot pot trivet using locker hooking, for other gifts this Yule season

                                               Coffee is on

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