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Monday, August 31, 2015

Not Sure What Next Day Will Bring

       I take four items for my lunch. Both of my client had increase on the medication. So I only saw Regis briefly.
"Good Lord" if I took the medication like they both do. I know my name would be in obituary section.
"I got my doubt any of them heard of using food as medicine" most of the people I take care of eat a lot of non nutritional foods.
Confession time....Sure I eat food that don't have much nutritional value. I almost pick one up today. Because it was 50% off. One of those in pop can that you hit against the counter. Anyhow it was big gooey "Cinnamon Roll"
Since I mention four items...yogurt, one large gram cracker that I dip in the yogurt, 2 hard boil eggs, and 14 chicken hearts.
Breakfast 2 link sausage, potatoes,and 2 eggs.
Dinner Kale one of my favor vegetables, spaghetti squash with sauce of it and ground beef in it.
We didn't quite get 2 quarts of dried pears so Murphy and I ate the remaining ones.

As I was at work Murphy canned 7 pints of pears. Still have some left.

Painted our last arrow for our yard sale sign. It green this time.

I still would like to weigh in at our T.O.P.S meeting at 213.25 pounds. But I feel pretty darn full after dinner. It seem I gain up to 5 pounds during the day. I tend to hold water. The doctor told me that I have LYMPHEDEMA. But such non threatening case. But I still try to watch my salt in take.
5 pounds of liquid is usual worth half gallon of something or other.
My last weigh in was at 214 even.

                                                              Coffee is on    


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I know what you mean about the elderly and their medications. Holy smokes! I remember when I was going through chemo they wanted me to take over 20 pills in one day! I tried but I vomitted them all up so I told the docs, just show me the most important ones and I'll take those. I think we got them down to 14-16 a day. It was awful. - As for your weight loss journey. It's really moment by moment. I have an app on my phone called LoseIt and it really helps me keep track of things.

  2. I guess all you can do is keep working on it.

  3. It sounds like we share the same struggle. I will never give you...don't you either. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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