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Monday, August 03, 2015

Tired Feet and Brain

       Sure hope I post everything I ate. 9 hour work day and most of it I was on my feet. Let get right to my issue with lunch I still haven't figure what I need to do.
I took a peanut butter sandwich with strawberry rice syrup. Confession time....I feel funny eating food in front of my client.
Carrie and I went quite a few places and one of the places we went was the pharmacy as she was picking up her medication. I ate my sandwich and it was past 1:30
 The sandwich on multi grain with flax bread.
Now this what an absent minded person would do. Take there yogurt and leave the spoon at home. That was me.
Stuck an kiwi for lunch but didn't get the change to eat it.
Breakfast was simple BLT on the same bread I used for my peanut butter sandwich.
Dinner I grab a pizza on the way home. My feet and my brain was shutting down. But I mange to keep my portion under control.
A reasonable slice and nice green salad. Tried a new dressing, pomegranate.

       So far I haven't open my mouth on facebook for 3 days. But a few things I need to take care of. All relate to our local Earth Base Faith, SPAIRFITERA

       Both my client Regis and Carrie had my run them around town. After work I stop in at CALLIES NICHE and bought 2 yards of fabric.
Which will be a present for Betty Birthday.
Not sure what she will do with it, but she make pet scarf and the precedes goes to local pet shelters. Confession time...I thought it would also make a cute jumper for a little girl.

                                                                      Coffee is on


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