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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Now Anther Hump To Over Come.

     I'm either a hair above 215 (97.5) or hair below. I figure out how to eat lunch, four items seems to work just good.
My short coming is dinner now. I eat and around seven I'm quite hungry and I end up eating something light and haven't end stuffing my face.
Right at seven I did small bowl of rice and milk, with raisin and touch of brown sugar. I know I should of start them before seven.
But I was finish sewing the non plain colors strips of Sawyers and Betty rag rug together.
I'm even hungry as I type this out.
Not going to list everything I ate today. I just want my mind off of food.

      Celery to the right and it taste a lot different out of the garden then from the stores. It has a sharper bite to it.
To the left is parsnip and to get the full flavor they need to freeze.


      Poles beans are doing great. Blue lakes is doing a little better then the Kentucky Wonder.  They should be enough beans to can up.
Left a few shallots in the ground so they could go to seed. The flower head reminds me of ALLIUM FLOWERS which I don't have anymore
Got a half dozen fennel growing. I'm still learning how to use this food.What I under stand it works well with pork and apples.
But I love the plumes so fluffy and soft looking.

        That is it for now and the coffee is on


  1. You have a nice garden! Nothing beats growing your own greens. Fennel is great for curry, BTW.


  2. drink lots of water to fill your tummy for a full feeling instead of eating.


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