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Monday, August 10, 2015

Can You Believe

       I thought I could be strong and keep crappy food out of my mouth. Hershel and Carrie had some left over cheese pop corn. The type you stick in the microwave.
So every time I enter the kitchen I took 3 piece but never a hand full. As I was nipple. So most of my cleaning was non kitchen related.
Mop the floor was the most time I spend in there kitchen.
He gave me doughnut. I said kindly "I shouldn't" guess what I did eat the doughnut. 
As I was about to finish up I had a small bowl of stew. The only veggie was carrots and onions.
Statement time...when I'm doing stew I like a wide variety of veggies.
I did take four items in my lunch, but only ate two of them. A hard boil egg and some plain pop corn.
I use an air popper to do my popcorn in.
Breakfast couldn't of been all that much. I had to be at Regis by eight this morning. I know I ate breakfast because I always eat breakfast. Simple reason I don't recall what I ate.
Dinner a thin pork chop, saute garlic and zucchini, with macaroni and cheese.

        Liz and I started a local pagan group in our local area, SPAIRFTRERA and we still learning the ropes.
Last Sunday we had our coffee and chat. four us attended. No one miss behave and no one got turn in to a toad.
We all share our religion up bring. All there except me had connection to the Mormon church.
Our next and more formal gathering will be Monday Aug 25th at the VISITOR CENTER and we are going to discuss and share our knowledge about PENDULUM
For me which isn't much.
At one time I took care of guy who now passed on. Used a pendulum to see his food was fit to eat.
One thing I also want to bring up is our "Coffee and Chat" Since we're not getting many at our local coffee and chat. Is it the time and or location where we're having it.
I know some may be unforgettable about coming out of broom closet in fear of loosing there job.

                                                                                       Coffee is On

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  1. LOL @ 'no one got turn in to a toad'!

    You are too cute!


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