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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Don't You Hate It... No Place In Town Carries It

      I just don't get it. I usual get two dish cloth out of ball of cotton. This time I got one full dish cloth and there no way I'll get a second one.
I real like the COLOR and I got the yarn at Ben Franklin in Old Town Idaho.

     Tomorrow, Carrie is going to PEND OREILLE SURGERY CENTER to have her throat open up or popped.
She has trouble swallowing.
As she in there, which shouldn't be more then 3 hours.
I have a few items I need to get from Wal mart. and also from Yokes. I can think of two places I can put flyers for our up coming gathering for our local Pagan group, SPAIRFITERA
I'll start anther crochet dish cloth. Since I need to finish the other one.
Write to couple of pen pals, and finish reading TRAIN DREAMS.

I sent $10.00 to Bernie Sanders. I have never gave money to anyone who been running for puplic office. I figure most who are elected to public office takes care of the millionaires  Confession time...I sometime wonder why I even waste the gas to drive down to the polls and cast my ballot. 
Not a long I went into Boundary County Clerk office and change my political party to "Democrat" so I can cast my vote for BERNIE SANDERS in the primary election. 

Eating pretty much stayed on track. Dinner was much to early. So now I'll be having some plain pop corn and watch the dvd

                                                                              Coffee is on

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  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Good for you for getting involved. As a Canadian I can't take the step of voting for Sanders but I have to say a lot of his platform really resonates with me.


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