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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Number Four Lunch

       Four items for lunch seem to work out for me. I don't feel stuff or still lingering with a grawly stomach.
        Popcorn is one of the four items I had for lunch. half an apple the other half I gave to Murphy. Statement time....I only recall a few apples on the market and now look what out there. Today apple was a "Jazzy"
A burrito with plenty of veggies and also a can of sardines.
Breakfast consist of two piece of multi grain toast with butter, my husband and I spilt an omelet which had a little bacon, peppers, and onions.
Stight Cherry juice to drink.
Had to get gas. Confession time...My car runs on premium gas and I was a sleep at wheel and start filling it up with regular gas. But caught my self and stopped.
I been some what stress over the transmission parts,  and a small Reese Peanut Butter Cup I did have.
Picked a spaghetti squash from our garden. Which will be use as noodles instead of noodles. Serve with spaghetti sauce.
Dinner was earlier then I like. If I feel hungry before seven this evening I'll have plain popcorn.

      Just finish up anther crochet dish cloth. I believe as I watch television I start an second one, same color.
One thing I have trouble is keeping it square. But each one I do is a little more square to the world.

         I'm ready to start anther rag rug. This one I want to do it oval shape. Confession time...the hard part of doing a crochet rag rug is cutting the strips out. 
        I use an rotary cutter. Just couldn't imagination using scissors. Some time in the near future I need to get ready to cut out Bart and Molly rag rug.
Confession time....I don't recall washing the fabric. 
My friend Alice will be getting me started on this rag rug. I know you start with 16 chains, and then you do a single crochet stich on both side of the chain. Which I've never done before.
But Peggy has some health issues that need taking care of.
Hopeful toward end of next week she can get me started on the rag rug.
                                           Coffee is on


  1. Love your crochet dish cloth. The colors are so pretty!

  2. Wow, peppylady, you eat light! :O

  3. do you have a dog? my dog always insists on helping me eat my meals.

  4. Veronica...Looks like I will have to purchase more of that color. I start a second dish cloth and I'm running short.

    YTSL...I'm not trying to stuff my face.

    Billy...I have a dog,"Daisy" she a good girl.


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