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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Things Are Just For The Birds

The other day I clean off my dresser and the coffee table in living room. I’m sorry that I even did.
My dresser was full of clutter. Which I’m glad the clutter is gone. But here the two things that took me back.
It like the saying “One step forward and two steps back”
Now for the two steps back.
I now can’t find my last paycheck.
Plus I’m allergy to household dust and now my ears fill like crap.
I’m starting to wonder if I should of clean my dresser.

I thought of local issue here that just gets craps my hide. There starting a local militia
As I let my reader read the article.
According to Murphy they where on our local radio station.
Our local radio station has Rush Limbaugh, Dr Laura, and just conservative talk.
But I guess the radio was on were Murphy works at.
The Militia group was also saying Obama trying to turn our country into communism base and or socialism base.
Opinion time…I real don’t think this group knows the different between communist or socialist
Plus we are going to have total clasp economic clap and the people from the city are going to come and raid our food supplies.
Opinion time…Dubya real made a divide into our county with less regulations. It would be find not have rules if everyone was fair and ethical. Lets get real
Now now not everyone in small community has stockpiles of food.
So this group going to protect us from who and what.

The other day I decided to do a google search on “making my blog into a book” and I found three site that does it.
blog to print
Not sure which is the best deal.
Or the easiest to use most people here has dial up.
It doesn’t matter I won’t be able to do it now.
Our property tax and Auto insurance is due this month still.
Plus I got quite a bit on the credit card.

I was about ready to close this posting and notice that Pea had a give away link posted on her blog.
Fantabulouslyfrugal is hosting a give way


  1. Coming for a visit and a nice cup of coffee. :)
    *Waving hello*
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Dusting....I just hate it..it really gets my allergies going...but the dust around here is crazy and hence I dust frequently....hence I take allergy medicaiton daily......

    Communism and Socialism...interesting....it's funny how so many people seem to think they are the same thing....NOT....but it was the American government (The Hoover government I beleive)who tried to convince the americans that they were the same and they were bad....

    This is an interesting link to Hoover and what he stood for....


    So it is very interesting....enjoyed the coffee and the chat....thanks for the invite....

  3. Ha! One time I threw hubby's paycheck into the mailbox! Had to get the postmaster to fish it out for me. Whew! Glad I live in a small town. She just laughed. Did not ask for I.D. or anything.

    Dusting always brings out my allergies too. Hubby always tells me to wear a mask when dusting or sweeping. Do I listen? No. Then I wish I had. LOL!

  4. oh goodness, hope you find your paycheck, peppy.


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