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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jury Need Not Be This Stupid

I was setting at a long table with some other people. Who was part of a jury?
I believe it was the first part of a something to do with jury.
We all were asked to do two sentences.
One was using slang and the other one was not using slang.
So we started to go around and give our two sentences.
As we gave our sentences there was this person and he/she would make a mark by the sentence
So I’m guessing someone was typing out the sentence.
Then it came my turn and my slang sentence was “ My Great Aunt Maple lives in St Regis and is a real cool cat.”
I never had the chance to do a normal sentence because this guy starts to talk about Big Sky Montana.
Then the alarm went off.

This was a dream I had. I thought my dreams are strange because it seem they have nothing to do with my life.
I don’t have a Great Aunt Maple.
I have nothing in common with St Regis Montana or even Montana it self
Jury duty neither Murphy or I been notify for Jury duty for ages.
I find it kind of interesting to see what one dream means

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  1. Dreams can be such a mystery at times, can't they! I dream a lot and quite often remember them in the morning...sometimes they're funny dreams and I wake up actually laughing. Sometimes they're sad and I wake up with tears on my cheeks! Then there are the dreams, like yours, that are completely puzzling because they have nothing to do with anything going on in your life!! Do you have the book about Dreams? I've seen a couple at the bookstore and one of these days I'm going to buy one so that I can interpret what certain things we dream about means.

    Hope you've been having a wonderful week so far:-) xoxo


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