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Friday, June 05, 2009

Maybe We Should Dig an Out House and Use the Toilet As a Planter

Life seems to be over whelming recently. Work has been kicking my ass this past week.
Confession time…My ass been kicked a lot harder

One of the thing that makes me in tune is getting my hands in the soil. I haven’t done much planting actual I don’t think I’ve done any this past week or so.

Things are popping up and growing in my royal sunshine flowerbed. Thank you kindly the weeds are also popping up.

At this time I have my yellow and a purple iris in bloom. Actual my small dark purple iris is coming to and end.
I have some more Iris to bloom. I have hunch it my larger deep dark purple ones

Then in the hodgepodge flowerbed things are growing. Not much in full bloom. It seems this year things are doing much better then years past.

It pretty full of flowers. Actual my favor Iris is deep dark purple one so far.

I just walked out in veggie garden. Except it seem like my carrots and parsnips are struggling to pop though the ground.
I thought we had carrot coming up. It actual looks like we might have drowned the little seedlings.
Murphy tends to over water. I tend to under water.
Something eating the bok choy. Murphy thinks it’s a beetle of some type and we will go out after dark a pick it off.
It seem to only come out at night. Pretty smart beetle to come out after the sun goes down. So it won’t be ate by birds

Now for the toilet report. I tried quite a few things. I haven’t yet having try adjusting the flapper. Not sure if the chain need to be shorten or let out.
The other ideal is having my son Bart go into basement and move the pipe around as I push hot water down the toilet.
I’m not sure going to ask Murphy to help.
Then I’m out of ideal.

Here the problem.
It seems like it doesn’t have enough ump to take everything down. It won’t even take down a little pee and toilet paper.
Who want to look at poop floating around in toilet bowl? “Not I” says Peppy

I notice some of my picture will be centered and others will be on the left hand side.
As I was loading the picture I never looked at that thinging m boober to see where I’m putting my pictures.
I made taco salad for dinner and Murphy real liked it


  1. I like that idea! Use the toilet for a planter. It would make people stop and look!
    Your purple iris is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope your carrots survive. I have a groundhog and some chipmunks that try and eat up all the young shoots that appear. One of them is eating my basil and parsley.

  2. LOL Girl, I laughed out loud reading this...so sorry you are still having problems...ours did that and we just shortened the chain and adjusted the water level in the toilet bowl...

    Hope it gets better....great flowers!

    Love, jess

  3. Sorry your still having problems with the toilet. Maybe you should give up and call a plumber.
    On the bright side your flowers are really looking good.


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